Welcome back to the final episode of our 3 part series: #AskForWella Podcast. A specially promoted series where we get inside the minds of Wella Professionals leading colour experts, sharing their top tips, hair hacks and future visions to help you smash-it in todays competitive hair colouring world.

Finishing off whats been a fantastic first series, I’m delighted to have joining me Wella Professionals Global Education Design Manager, Meiju Thornley. Today you’re about to learn how Wella’s colour technology is game changing the hair industry, and how this advancement will help salon businesses around the globe. With a pedigree for the science of hair and an infectious passion for colour, Meiju provides hair colourists and salons with a wonderful insight into the Kolestone Perfect heritage and all the benefits it brings to the hair with it’s new ground breaking ME+ and Pure Balance technology.

In this episode we cover why the pioneering technology behind the Wella Professionals Kolestone Perfect ME+ and Pure Balance is helping to shape the future of hair colour, and why hair colourists need this technology. And to top it all off, Meiju’s to give us her finest tips and techniques on how the products discussed can help give your clients the great results that they will love. It’s a treat of a conversation with one of Wella Professionals leading ladies, so hit play and get ready to take notes – it won’t  disappoint!

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Special thanks to Meiju Thornley for joining me today.

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Today’s Guest

Meiju Thornley is Global Education Design Manager for Wella Professionals based in Geneva Switzerland. A dedicated mentor who has an infectious passion for colour, Meiju started her hairdressing career in late 90’s in a small town in Sweden. She since went on to work with larger salon groups for over 10 years, which lead her to working for Wella Professionals in 2010.

Meiju Thornley is a very dedicated mentor who had an infectious passion for colour, who’s current position with Wella Professionals sees her do anything from working with the R&D team on new product development to designing education materials and plans for new initiatives.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we discuss in today’s  episode 

  • >> 00 min 38 sec: Show intro
  • >> 03 min 53 sec: About Meiju
  • >> 09 min 02 sec: How technology has changed the hairdressing industry
  • >> 10 min 44 sec: Why changes have happened in hairdressing
  • >> 11 min 52 sec: The heritage of Wella Kolestone Perfect
  • >> 13 min 18 sec: The reasons behind the colour development changes to Kolestone Perfect
  • >> 15 min 43 sec: The ground breaking technology behind Kolestone Perfect Me+
  • >> 20 min 55 sec: How this colour technology help the everyday hair colourist and salon
  • >> 21 min 59 sec: The extra you get with the Me+ Pure Balance technology
  • >> 25 min 44 sec: Results you could expect to see with the new Me+ Pure Balance technology
  • >> 30 min 58 sec: How this colour technology advancement will help salon businesses
  • >> 31 min 59 sec: Meiju’s colour tips
  • >> 38 min 01 sec: Meiju’s favourite colour palette
  • >> 39 min 35 sec: Colour techniques used by Meiju
  • >> 41 min 50 sec: The future of Wella Professionals colours
  • >> 43 min 45 sec: Where to find out more on Wella Professionals
  • >> 45 min 14 sec: Show outro