Award-winning hair and fashion photographer Dan Thomas joins me on today’s How to Cut It for a value-packed episode. Through his expertise as a forward thinking photographer, Dan will be sharing serious knowledge on how to photograph a successful hair collection, from start to finish.

The photographer behind William Lamb’s winning British Hairdressing Newcomer of the Year 2016 Ink collection, Dan knows exactly what it takes to capture jaw-dropping and award-winning collections. He’s got his process to help hairdressers get the very best from photographing their hairdressing collection, and that’s what he’s sharing here today.

Dan will walk you through the whole process of photographing a collection. From the initial debrief team meeting, to the day of the photo shoot, and all the way through to the final editing of your collection, this show is your guaranteed banker to getting the very best out of your next photo shoot.

Sounds good? Listen in, and hear just how much Dan delivers.

Thanks for listening!

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Today’s Guest

A British and internationally published photographer predominantly focused in the hair industry. Being fortunate enough to be surrounded by great hairstylists, his passion and drive to create powerful imagery began. His recent win at the British hair awards for the collection, INK for the newcomer collection incorporated his signature dark style with the mix of an excellent team. Planning to keep pushing the boundaries in the hair world to the most imaginative points to reveal new and inspiring collections.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • A introduction to photographer Dan Thomas
  • Why choosing to specialise in photography for hair, beauty and fashion
  • Ahead of collection shoot, Dan talks us through the first meeting between photographer and hairdresser
  • A book of ideas to help a client a achieve what they’re looking for
  • How often should you meet up with you’re photographer prior to a shoot
  • Having a creative director to focus the shoot
  • More than one voice in a photo shoot
  • The importance of choosing the right model
  • Model castings
  • Dan talks us through a British Hairdressing Awards entry collection shoot day
  • Spaces photographers need to photograph a shoot
  • Keep it simple to build confidence when starting out in a photo shoot
  • Assisting on a photoshoot day
  • Hairdressers that dictate a shoot day
  • Getting your basics right
  • Photoshop editing and retouching
  • Has the British Hairdressing Awards become more a Photography Awards
  • Photo posts on Social Media
  • How much will a photo collection cost with Dan
  • Contacting Dan
  • Advice to doing photography yourself
  • Future projects for Dan