In todays interview we discuss what it takes to building a successful local hairdressing business away from a city centre location. Joining me for this conversation is Rick Roberts, salon owner of Rick Roberts Hair & Beauty salon, in the Market Town of Beverly, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Rick’s learned a thing or two about starting a new salon business from his experiences. He will share with you so many of these lessons he’s learned in opening up his business, including how he had to sell a prized possession to fund buying a house to convert into a salon.

No matter where you’re based, you’ll also hear how it’s possible to make a name for yourself within the hairdressing industry – proving that local hairdressers can achieve anything they want if they’ve the desire and talent to go to the next level.

I know my conversation with Rick is going to give you bags of top tips on opening a salon off the major high street, and I hope that one day that this very episode may give you the confidence to go and do something similar to Rick. Listen and enjoy!

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Today’s Guest

Rick owns a multi award winning Salon in Beverley East Riding and has built up a strong local clientele. A creative and passionate hairdresser which is demonstrated by his commitment to the industry and his award-winning skills. Rick has dedicated his time to the British fellowship and the world leading brand L’Oréal and Matrix and was part of the L’Oreal ID Artist Team from 2011-2013. Rick and his salon artistic team regularly present at Salon International London and Professional Hairdresser on the Fellowship of British Hairdressers and the Hairdressers Journal Stage.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 2 min 22 sec: We learn who Rick Roberts is
  • 3 min 36 sec: How Rick got into hairdressing
  • 5 min 45 sec: Rick’s early training
  • 7 min 13 sec: Getting on stage
  • 9 min 45 sec: When and why Rick wanted to be a salon owner
  • 12 min 02 sec: Finding and funding the salon
  • 14 min 25 sec: Having a financial plan for your business
  • 16 min 51 sec: The early ambitions of the Rick Roberts salon
  • 18 min 12 sec: The challenging times of the salon
  • 18 min 46 sec: Having a great salon atmosphere
  • 22 min 16 sec: Being part of competitions and awards
  • 24 min 27 sec: Having a successful salon out of London
  • 27 min 00 sec: Staffing
  • 31 min 54 sec: The upside to having your own salon
  • 33 min 48 sec: Rick’s advice to opening a salon
  • 35 min 00 sec: British Hairdressing Awards
  • 36 min 43 sec: Find out more on Rick Roberts
  • 37 min 24 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire questions
  • 39 min 11 sec: Assisting Rick on shows and shoots