Back in Episode 001 I talked on how the industry magazine ‘Hairdressers Journal’ and trade events exhibition ‘Salon International‘ inspired me into a lifelong career in hairdressing. Well today’s guest is responsible for bringing us this awesome magazine and event, as well as being one of  the most influential names in the hairdressing press. She’s Jayne Lewis Orr, Executive Director and Editor in Chief for HJ, HJi, Salon International, British Hairdressing Awards and the British Hairdressing Business Awards.

In this episode, Jayne offers us a glimpse into the world to one of hairdressings longest serving professional trade magazines, the British Hairdressing Awards, and Salon International, along with her personal career story that has seen her become Hairdressers Journal leading lady.

Going to meet Jayne at HJ’s HQ in London’s Kings Road was an absolute honour and pleasure, so be sure to join me and Jayne for an interview that is rammed full with insights into the hair industry press and events. It could turn out to be one of your most prized listen-in’s! Enjoy!


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Today’s Guest

Jayne has spent her career in the professional hair and beauty sector, loving her role as Executive Director of HJ, HJi, Salon International, the British Hairdressing Awards and the British Hairdressing Business Awards. Jayne enjoys the variety that the role offers as no two days are the same – from planning awards events and exhibitions to looking at covers and content with the editorial team.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 4 min 46 sec: Insight into Jayne’s early career
  • 5 min 48 sec: Reed Business Publications
  • 6 min 52 sec: Jayne’s initial impressions of the hair industry
  • 7 min 25 sec: Climbing the ladder as a journalist
  • 8 min 01 sec: We learn on what the role Editor in Chief involves
  • 8 min 56 sec: British Hairdressing Awards
  • 10 min 47 sec: Jayne’s current role and her team
  • 13 min 02 sec: Adapting Hairdressers Journal to the changing market
  • 15 min 09 sec: Having your work in print
  • 16 min 23 sec: What Jayne looks for in a front cover
  • 17 min 31 sec: How to get your work featured in Hairdressers Journal
  • 18 min 22 sec: Getting your work seen online
  • 19 min 07 sec: Tagging your images on social media
  • 20 min 15 sec: What still keeps Jayne excited about the industry
  • 21 min 26 sec: Advice to going into journalism within the industry
  • 23 min 37 sec: Writing a feature for Hairdressers Journal
  • 25 min 32 sec: Jayne’s involvement to organising the British Hairdressing Awards
  • 26 min 15 sec: The British Hairdressing Awards and the British Hairdressing Business Awards
  • 28 min 12 sec: More information to entering the British Hairdressing Business Awards
  • 29 min 35 sec: Why the importance of getting success in the British Hairdressing Awards
  • 33 min 42 sec: When you can first see the BHA finalists collections
  • 35 min 31 sec: The night of the British Hairdressing Awards
  • 37 min 22 sec: HJ Salon International
  • 40 min 17 sec: What we expect to see from Hairdressers Journal going forward
  • 41 min 23 sec: Where we can find Jayne online
  • 41 min 59 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions