I want you to all meet Perry Patraszewski. He’s the co-founder of Blue Tit London and Hairtribe.tv, a awesome online hairdressing training platform that gives accessibility to some of the most exciting hair artists from wherever you are based. Today he’s about to share how Hairtribe’s mission is to empowering stylists globally with new skills – helping those passionate and eager to realise their dreams.

When Perry first arrived in London from his native homeland of Poland, he wanted to do something great in hairdressing but didn’t know where his place was to do this. After dipping his toes into different areas of the hairdressing industry, he and his business partner Andy opened their first Blue Tit salon in Dalston, East London, which has since had staggering success with the opening of 7 more London salons.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Perry created Hairtribe after his Blue Tit Art team and a translator presented a hair show to 2000 people in Bologna, Italy, and how he thought to himself: “What if i could deliver this education to them in their native language and on demand whenever they wanted it”. From that moment Hairtribe was born!

I’m such a fan of how Perry saw an opportunity to start an online training platform, seized it, and is now delivering online videos, each week, in six languages. Listen in and enjoy!


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Today’s Guest

Perry is the co-founder and director of the award-winning Blue Tit London brand. His interest in a sustainable approach to hairdressing coupled with the mission to work towards a better world for every passionate hairdresser, motivated him to set up Hairtribe.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 3 min 02 sec: Background to Perry
  • 5 min 09 sec: Moving from Poland to London UK
  • 7 min 11 sec: The Blue Tit hairdressing brand and philosophy
  • 9 min 38 sec: Introduction to what Hairtribe is all about
  • 13 min 30 sec: The inspiration to starting Hairtribe
  • 17 min 09: The team behind Hairtribe
  • 18 min 39 sec: Curating videos to fit guest artists
  • 20 min 14 sec: Video content you can expect to see on Hairtribe
  • 21 min 57 sec: The advantages to online training
  • 23 min 32 sec: What level of hairdresser/barber is Hairtribe aimed at
  • 24 min 27 sec: Becoming a guest artist for Hairtribe
  • 26 min 25 sec: Growth and contribute
  • 28 min 20 sec: The name behind Hairtribe
  • 30 min 35 sec: How to subscribe to Hairtribe
  • 34 min 36 sec: Where to find Hairtribe online
  • 35 min 31 sec: Access to video content
  • 36 min 15 sec: What we can expect to see from Hairtribe going forward
  • 38 min 11 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions
  • 41 min 05 sec: How to win a years subscription to hairtribe.tv