Today’s guest is a hair visionary, a hair thinker, a hair teacher. I’m sitting down with Martin Wentzel aka The Flying Barber, a hair artist based in Amsterdam that you need to know more about. He made a name for himself in the Dutch fashion scene of the 90’s and is now creating and capturing mind blowing hairstyles on dolls heads. Yes, dolls heads, and he’s going to tell you all about this.

A disciple and pupil of the legendary Dutch hairdresser Christiaan, Martin honed his hairdressing skills with this hair hero. Having a unique and specialised approach to hairstyling has enabled Martin to travel the world working on many fashion assignments, and for 10 years teaching over 500 hairdressers at his very own; ‘The Hairschool’.

In this episode, Martin shares his fascinating backstory to hairdressing, his thinking to all things hair industry, and of course, creating exceptional looks on dolls heads! So, if you’re interested in capturing similar looks to a hair artist, tune in to this fascinating conversation – you won’t regret it!


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Today’s Guest

Martin Wentzel aka The Flying Barber started hairdressing in 1984 learning the art of hairdressing, creativity and vision in his home town of Amsterdam and under the guidance of Dutch hairdressing legend Christiaan. After 18 years of travelling, learning, developing and creating started “The Hairschool”, the first school specifically focusing on hairstyling in fashion, advertisement, art, photography.
Most recently has seen martin take the time to find new ideas and started working in his home atelier on a daily base, to discover hairstyles and product development to creating tools that will allow hairdressers to play with hair and create great hairstyles.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 3 min 43 sec: The backstory to Martin aka The Flying Barber
  • 8 min 00 sec: Pupils of the Christiaan children
  • 10 min 56 sec: The Dutch hair scene
  • 11 min 52 sec: Martin’s ‘The Hairdressingschool’
  • 13 min 01 sec: White Caucasian and Black Afro Carabian beauty and fashion
  • 15 min 46 sec: Specialising in a niche
  • 18 min 03 sec: 11 days teaching
  • 19 min 14 sec: Working in the fashion industry
  • 20 min 39 sec: Being a teaching in hairdressing
  • 23 min 44 sec: How long Martin believes it takes to learn the art of hairdressing
  • 26 min 25 sec: Gender differences in hairdressing
  • 27 min 20 sec: Perception of hairdressing in Holland
  • 30 min 27 sec: What Martin is doing in hairdressing now in 2017
  • 32 min 43 sec: Creating and capturing looks on block heads
  • 41 min 42 sec: Type of block heads to work on
  • 43 min 39 sec: Martin’s niche product and tools ideas
  • 48 min 57 sec: Where to find out more on Martin
  • 50 min 20 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions