How many of you are aware of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing? Do you know what they’re promoting, what they stand for, who they support, and how you can be part of this organisation? Here to explore all this and more is their President and award-winning London salon owner, Karine Jackson.

Karine was born to be a star hairdresser. A previous London Hairdresser of the Year in the British Hairdressing Awards, Karine’s talents and enthusiasm have always shone through. With her undying passion for the hairdressing industry and her longstanding commitment to the Fellowship for British Hairdressing, Karine was the ideal candidate to be their new President, and was duly elected to this prestigious and responsible role.

Being President for Karine, is all about uniting as a group of hairdressers and branching out to make our industry great. In this episode she’ll explain why this independent, non-political organisation, focusses for it’s members on promoting artistic and creative excellence and future hairdressing talent, such as Project X and F.A.M.E Team,  who are all keen to make their own mark in the industry.

Fascinated to know more? Listen in to learn further about Karine and why the Fellowship for British Hairdressing could be the perfect fit for, YOU!

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Today’s Guest

Starting her career in her parents’ salon in the small Australian town of Wollongong, to excelling at Charles Worthington, to setting up her own Covent Garden salon, to winning London Hairdresser of the Year in the 2007 British Hairdressing Awards, Karine’s huge talent and enthusiasm has always been evident. As well as her cutting skills, Karine is a brilliant colourist and holds the L’Oreal Colour Specialist Degree, putting her in the top 1% of L’Oreal colourists in the UK. Alongside her British Hairdressing Awards win, Karine has also won the Fellowship Consumer Image of the Year in 2011, Most Wanted Hair Trend in 2015. She has been shortlisted for Most Wanted Colour Expert three times and in 2009 was shortlisted for Men’s Hairdresser of the year. In 2016 she was shortlisted for London Hairdresser of the Year and in 2017, Karine was elected as the new president of the Fellowship For British Hairdressing.

Show notes:

  • 2 min 42 sec: Karine shares her early career experience in hairdressing
  • 4 min 01 sec: Becoming a salon owner
  • 5 min 24 sec: Hairdressing; a cool job to have
  • 6 min 07 sec: Perception of hairdressing
  • 8 min 51 sec: Promoting the industry in a better way
  • 9 min 42 sec: A united industry
  • 10 min 50 sec: A crisis going on
  • 12 min 03 sec: Becoming President of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing
  • 13 min 20 sec: The origins behind the Fellowship for British Hairdressing
  • 14 min 24 sec: The F.A.M.E Team
  • 16 min 24 sec: Karine’s role as President
  • 17 min 41 sec: Australian F.A.M.E Team
  • 18 min 27 sec: Who is the Fellowship for British Hairdressing
  • 21 min 02 sec: Fellowship for British Hairdressing membership
  • 22 min 31 sec: About Clubstar, Colour Project and Project X membership
  • 24 min 03 sec: Membership fees
  • 25 min 43 sec: Opportunities for salon owners
  • 27 min 06 sec: Helpfullness of hairdressing’s leading names
  • 28 min 01 sec: How Karine’s found her Presindency role
  • 29 min 19 sec: Do you need to be recommended to become a member
  • 30 min 13 sec: Membership open to barbers too
  • 31 min 10 sec: Learning from the barbering industry
  • 32 min 33 sec: How we employee in the hairdressing industry
  • 34 min 14 sec: Where to see the Fellowship for British Hairdressing live
  • 35 min 22 sec: F.A.M.E Team onstage at Salon International
  • 37 min 01 sec: Fellowship for British Hairdressing touring the UK
  • 38 min 35 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions