For Jordanna Cobella, becoming a member of  The Fellowship For British Hairdressing F.A.M.E  Team 2017 is her biggest achievement to date. Being part of this team of four, each member is representing young British hairdressing talent globally and who are all recognised for having hairdressing and presentation skills, original talent, team focus, charisma and sheer “star quality”.

In today’s episode, Jordanna walks us through what is required to become a successful candidate when applying and auditioning for the F.A.M.E Team, along with what it means to be in it and all the opportunities it brings. She will also share with me the moment she threw herself headfirst into a hairdressing career and the Cobella business after graduating from University with a Law degree.

Jordanna has always been surrounded by hairdressing success from a very young age with her award winning parents Anestis Cobella and Beverly C MBE. Her story is not this, but proof of how she worked tirelessly day and night training creatively, whilst also grasping the business side of the industry that is now paying dividends, with Jordanna now well on her way to becoming one of hairdressings millennial starlets.

Listen in on my enjoyable conversation with Jordanna – I know she’ll inspire you to keep learning with all the rewards that this cold bring you, too!

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Today’s Guest

Fellowship for British Hairdressing F.A.M.E Team 2017 member, Jordanna has been surrounded by hairdressing success from a very young age being nurtured by her award-winning parents. Always fascinated with hair, she decided to take a turn in her career path, after graduating from University with a Law degree, by throwing herself head first into the Cobella business.

Being captivated by the history of her fathers’ first worldwide selling book – Cobella Hair Avant Garde, she developed a love and passion for session work. Jordanna took this passion and entered competitions and became a L’Oreal Regional Colour Trophy Finalist in 2015 as well as leading the art team at London Fashion week 2015.

Jordanna has been asked to showcase her work at The Fellowship, Pro Hair Live and Hair Club Live and continues to build on the success of her parents in the hairdressing field.

Show notes:

  • 2 min 56 sec First getting to know Jordanna
  • 4 min 37 sec: The early learning playground of Jordanna’s hairdressing career
  • 6 min 51 sec: Jordanna’s hairdressing icon parents
  • 9 min 41 sec: Cobella Salon
  • 13 min 19 sec: Jordanna’s role at Cobella Salon
  • 15 min 02 sec: Being off the salon floor
  • 15 min 47 sec: The Cobella experience
  • 17 min 15 sec: Recruiting staff
  • 18 min 56 sec: Expectations of Jordanna
  • 21 min 40 sec: We learn about what is the F.A.M.E Team
  • 24 min 24 sec: What it means to be part of the F.A.M.E Team
  • 25 min 43 sec: F.A.M.E Team 2017 members
  • 26 min 39 sec: How to apply for the F.A.M.E Team
  • 30 min 09 sec: Presenting on stage
  • 32 min 19 sec: What the judges saw in Jordanna
  • 33 min 19 sec: The looks created for the auditions
  • 34 min 11 sec: Moment Jordanna found out she was selected as a F.A.M.E Team 2017 member
  • 35 min 40 sec: What happens after being selected for the F.A.M.E Team
  • 37 min 00 sec: Standards expected as a F.A.M.E Team member
  • 39 min 00 sec: Funding needed
  • 40 min 09 sec: Why apply for the F.A.M.E Team
  • 41 min 52 sec: What being in the F.A.M.E Team has done for Jordanna
  • 41 min 32 sec: Areas of hairdressing Jordanna wants to work on
  • 45 min 31 sec: Ambition of Jordanna
  • 46 min 52 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions