Some of my favourites stories from the How To Cut It Podcast are those visionary in their approach to new ideas, and are willing to challenge the traditional methods of the Hairdressing Industry. Today’s guest has done exactly this. She’s Skyler McDonald and is the creator and owner of Skyler London – an innovative colour ‘only’ concept salon that’s the talk of the town!

Skyler is regarded by many as a creative genius. A former Creative Director of the Seanhanna salon group, she’s been responsible for producing many of the salon groups signature cuts and colours. Voted the UK’s Top Colour Expert by Hair magazine, her outward vision observed there were relatively few real colour experts around. Spending the last two years talking to as many people as she could about what would make the perfect colour salon. The result was  Skyler London.

Skyler created Skyler London to be the place in London where top colour specialists want to work and where colour guests will love getting their colour done. In this episode you’ll hear Skyler talk openly and honestly on her career story, and the daily roller-coaster emotions of running a business that is new to the game – something I know many of you will align with.

Join Skyler as we discover the in’s and out’s of this game changing colour ‘only’ concept salon. Its a great listen from a true visionary!

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Today’s Guest

Award winning colour specialist Skyler McDonald is the owner and Creative Director of Skyler London. She has created a storm in the Hairdressing Industry working with renowned brands and sharing her talent and skills whenever possible through intense training and education programmes. Skyler is constantly travelling all around the world for shoots, shows, seminars and exhibitions.Former Creative Director of the Seanhanna salon group, Skyler is also a Global Ambassador for L’Oreal Professionel and has previously been voted for London Hairdresser of the year and the UK’s Top Hair Colourist.

Show notes:

3 min 17 sec: We learn who Skyler the hairdresser

  • 9 min 55 sec: Getting a trade test at Seanhanna
  • 12 min 16 sec: Shooting her first collection
  • 15 min 05 sec: Being and finding you mentors
  • 18 min 19 sec: What Skyler wants to mentor to her proteges
  • 20 min 02 sec: Winning London Hairdresser of the Year
  • 21 min 31 sec: What winning awards has done to Skyler’s career
  • 23 min 12 sec: The launch of Skyler London
  • 24 min 11 sec: The Skyler London colour only salon explained
  • 27 min 45 sec: Asking people on how to make the hair colour/salon business better
  • 30 min 11 sec: Using the right hair colour language
  • 30 min 47 sec: The early days of the new Skyler London salon
  • 32 min 55 sec: How Skyler manages her time
  • 36 min 44 sec: Recruiting colour experts
  • 38 min 28 sec: Standardisation of team members
  • 39 min 10 sec: Reasons to why team are colour experts
  • 40 min 14 sec: Mixologists
  • 44 min 35 sec: Keeping the creativity in colour experts
  • 45 min 52 sec: Getting the Skyler London message out there
  • 48 min 50 sec: What Skyler wants for Skyler London
  • 50 min 28 sec: Where to find out more on Skyler and Skyler London
  • 52 min 08 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions