I’m a huge fan of how live streaming has enabled us to a fast and powerful way to connect with others in real time. In this episode today, we are going to hear from the founder of Hairdressing Live, Paul Davey, on how he’s leveraged this use of technology to revolutionise the way we can now get our fix of hairdressing education by bringing you some of the most influential names in the business to educate you wherever you are based. Epic stuff!

Hairdresser Paul Davey is the co-owner of Davey Davey and is greatly regarded for his creativity. Paul spent over 10 years with Toni & Guy, where he held positions on the International Artistic Team. Since launching Davey Davey with his brother in 2010 it has seen him travel for Editorial and Session work to London, New York, and throughout Europe.

I’ve big respect for Paul, who’s outlook and innovative approach has given us the first online LIVE hairdressing academy, and that is committed to making quality hairdressing education accessible to everyone. With a diverse range of live hairdressing to watch, their online courses will allow you to hone your hairdressing skills and become an expert.

And be sure do stick around to the end – I’ve a stomper of a competition exclusive for the HTCI community courtesy of our friends at Hairdressing Live. Stay tuned!

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Special thanks to Paul Davey for joining me today. Until next time!


Today’s Guest

Multi-award winning hairdresser Paul Davey, Owner along with brother Ian, of the powerhouse team Davey Davey, and founder of the innovative new project Hairdressing Live. Paul will find himself backstage at London Fashion Week, tending to a roll call of celebrities at Cannes Film Festival or working on editorials for a host of Irish and UK titles, Paul’s skill is in high demand.

Soon to become an author of his first educational book “Elements” which is available for business to business. But Paul’s main focus 2018 is the new innovative project hairdressing live. His aim is to take this global this year and continue featuring some of the best hairdressers in the world.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 3 min 51 sec: Insight to Paul Davey
  • 6 min 16 sec: Journey to becoming Davey Davey
  • 9 min 18 sec: Going from a franchise to an independent salon business
  • 11 min 41 sec: About Davey Davey
  • 13 min 54 sec: Seeing the opportunity to develop education into online webinars
  • 14 min 53 sec: We learn what Hairdressing Live is
  • 18 min 13 sec: What happens when you sign up to Hairdressing Live
  • 20 min 23 sec: Advantages of live streaming
  • 19 min 13 sec: Subscribtion access you have to Hairdressing Live library of videos on demand
  • 21 min 46 sec: Giving back to hairdressing through personal development
  • 24 min 05 sec: Sitting down as team in-salon to be educated by leading guest artists
  • 25 min 43 sec: Making education affordable for all levels of hairdressers
  • 26 min 53 sec: Guests you could expect to see on Hairdressing Live
  • 28 min 51 sec: How you could become a guest artist on Hairdressing Live
  • 32 min 23 sec: Capturing the latest trends from the world of hairdressing
  • 32 min 55 sec: How to get in touch with Paul and sign up to Hairdressing Live
  • 34 min 43 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions