We all know how important it is to create engaging and effective social media posts. But hey … how many of us are achieving this? In today’s episode I’m super stoked to chat to Estelle Oliveri of Hairpin Digital, who’s going to debunk the Do’s and Don’ts of creating that great social media post that talks directly to your clients.

Estelle created Hairpin Digital to fill the need for different industry bubbles to crossover and form these necessary connections. She believes that in every industry, people stick to their own spheres; their own bubbles of education and friendships. Architects hang out with architects. Doctors hang with other doctors. Hairpin Digital’s aim is to bring more sales through service providers’ doors and spread the word that each business has so much more to give in society than just a haircut, wax or body workout.

An expert in the field of social media, Estelle presents her workshop around the globe and is a key speaker at major industry expos, helping her audiences achieve maximum results when it comes to getting the most out of social media. And today your are going to get this expert knowledge straight to your earbuds, as Estelle’s is about to give you golden advice to posting on social media, so listen carefully, and enjoy!

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Special thanks to Estelle Oliveri for joining me today. Until next time!




Today’s Guest

2017-Current Hairpin Digital – Director Social Media Solutions for Hair & Beauty Salons Websites, Content Writing, SEO, Workshopshairpindigital.com
2017-Current Social Media SpeakerHair Expo & Beauty Expo Australia hairexpoaustralia.com
2016-Current Hair Biz Contributor Social Media Articles
2013-Current Digital Marketing Strategist Digital Marketing strategies for small businesses
2013-2016 Eternal Eve – CEO Hair & Beauty Mobile App eternaleve.co business.eternaleve.co
2013 Founder Institute Graduate Female Fellowship Winner

Show notes:

  • 3 min 20 sec: Who and what is Hairpin Digital
  • 4 min 25 sec: Estelle’s background and starting of Hairpin Digital
  • 7 min 20 sec: Creating a compelling post and advert to reach your target client
  • 8 min 57 sec: Verifying your business accounts on your social platforms
  • 13 min 10 sec: Information you are presenting on your social media bio
  • 14 min 58 sec: Why having a Social Media plan and strategy in place is essential
  • 17 min 20 sec: What should you be creating on your channels page
  • 21 min 08 sec: How and where we should be posting online salon offers and promotions
  • 23 min 38 sec: How to decide which social media platform is going to be best for your business
  • 26 min 15 sec: Planning your social media strategy
  • 27 min 47 sec: When to do live feeds and stories
  • 30 min 14 sec: How to find followers when starting out
  • 33 min 22 sec: Using hashtags in posts
  • 35 min 54 sec: Workshops Estelle runs
  • 38 min 11 sec: How to work with Estelle wherever you are based in the world
  • 38 min 46 sec: Reach out to Estelle