Today I have a guest who’s a adopted a unique mobile salon business, that offers both working lifestyle choice and freedom. Curious? Then listen in to my interview with Phil Benton, owner of Douce, a 1962 Airstream Globetrotter trailer travelling it’s way around Cambridge and London.

I’m a big fan of what Phil has created. This quirky silver mobile cabin houses two chairs and is open from dawn to dusk. Regularly pitching up at festivals, craft fairs, pub car parks and buisness parks, Douce offers contemporary hair cutting and styling services for it’s punters. How damn cool is that!

Phil talks openly in this episode on why he adopted this way for owning his own salon, the difficulties that he faced in finding and fitting out his Airstream Globetrotter, and why he’s just loving the way that he’s now working!

Today Phil is going to be sharing how being mobile has enabled him to be free and create a flexible brand able to collaborate and work anywhere in the world. It’s that inspiring that you might even want to come back for a second or third listen so that you don’t miss a single thing. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Special thanks to Phil Benton for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

Phil Benton, owner and stylist at Douce, graduated at Vidal Sassoon’s Accademy in 2012 where he then began working with Toni & Guy and later in Brooklyn, New York. His expert training and invaluable experience, alongside the idea of having a salon in more than one place was the driving force behind his latest concept, which became a finalist in the British Hairdressing Business Awards for Innovation of the Year.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 3 min 17 sec: What is Douce
  • 4 min 14 sec: Inspiration to starting Douce
  • 6 min 28 sec: Buying an vintage Airstream trailer
  • 8 min 16 sec: Kitting out the Airstream trailer
  • 9 min 36 sec: Finding the right locations to pitch up Douce
  • 12 min 11 sec: Similar business models to Douce
  • 13 min 31 sec: No brainer to actually going to do it
  • 15 min 00 sec: Suitable vehicle to tow Airstream
  • 15 min 39 sec: Having a street licence to pitch
  • 16 min 53 sec: Where the Airstream is stored
  • 17 min 51 sec: Maintenance and upkeep to the Airstream
  • 18 min 55 sec: Inside and the workings of a salon in a Airstream trailer
  • 21 min 58 sec: Time to turnaround conversion of Airstream to working salon
  • 22 min 49 sec: Getting through the difficult times
  • 23 min 51 sec: Learning new manual skills
  • 24 min 34 sec: Toilet facilities
  • 25 min 30 sec: Daily planning on which site to pitch Douce to fit Phillip’s lifestyle
  • 27 min 39 sec: Going to where you want
  • 28 min 25 sec: Which type of clients Douce appeals too
  • 30 min 15 sec: Marketing Douce
  • 31 min 34 sec: Vibe to working inside the Airstream trailer
  • 32 min 28 sec: Doing hair at festivals
  • 34 min 14 sec: Phillip’s previous hairdressing career before Douce
  • 36 min 53 sec: Collaborating with others
  • 38 min 15 sec: Douce’s visit from Ky Cut’ Wilson
  • 39 min 40 sec: Investment or not
  • 40 min 34 sec: A second Airstream trailer and it’s site
  • 41 min 36 sec: Not having to work Saturday’s and Sunday’s
  • 42 min 49 sec: Living a work life that suits you
  • 43 min 56 sec: Hiring the Airstream
  • 44 min 27 sec: Finding out more on Douce
  • 46 min 04 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions