In Edition 2 of Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair – a series dedicated to putting the spotlight on hairdressings and barbering’s most exciting and innovative rising stars – I’m excited to introduce you all to International Platform Artist and men’s hair specialiast Leah Hayden Cassidy.

Leah is a new generation of stars making a name for themselves within the global barbering scene. Being a female role model in the predominately male dominated barbering industry, you can’t help but notice this barberette, with both her cool urban street style and signature clean mens hair looks which are appreciated around the world.

Taking to the stage around Europe and the US, Leah is passionate about sharing her knowledge. Today she’ll be talking us through her career to date, starting by how a career ending injury took her from becoming a professional footballer to a new life as a men’s hairdresser. With a dedication to continually challenging herself you can only respect what Leah is achieving in the barbering industry, so listen in, I know you’ll be blown away by her journey, too!

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Special thanks to Leah Hayden Cassidy for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

International platform artist Leah Hayden Cassidy, known through her social media platforms as Hayden Cassidy, is based in Berlin. She specialises in men’s hair, merging techniques from every aspect of barbering and inspired by her travels through different countries and cultures. She has taken to the stage around Europe, alongside some of the top barbers of our generation, always furthering her knowledge and picking up new techniques. Leah began her career in Ireland amidst the boom of the industry, taking influence from barbers from the US barbering and hairdressing scenes. She has established a signature clean look which is appreciated around the world. Leah has worked alongside fashion magazines, photographers and artists, to create looks which fuse fashion with today’s barber industry, pushing her talent and artistic vision to each industry. Hayden is passionate about sharing her knowledge through tutorials and by creating an education platform for barbers to follow she has built a strong reputation as an educator for a global audience.

Show notes:

Here’s some of the things we cover in this interview

  • 06 min 01 sec: An introduction to Leah Hayden Cassidy and what she’s currently working on
  • 08 min 06 sec: The Berlin barbering scene
  • 10 min 10 sec: Why the straight razor got banned in Germany
  • 14 min 41 sec: A possible move to London
  • 15 min 17 sec: Why work overseas
  • 16 min 44 sec: Playing high-level football in America
  • 18 min 14 sec: Barbering, a new life after a career ending football injury
  • 24 min 26 sec: Leah’s journey path in barbering
  • 25 min 57 sec: Learning on YouTube
  • 26 min 50 sec: Go to corner barber shop and go and learn
  • 27 min 54 sec: Apprenticeships and regulation in barbering
  • 29 min 30 sec: Starting out as junior barber at Cut and Sew Dublin
  • 33 min 11 sec: What Leah loves about barbering
  • 35 min 00 sec: Merging into hairdressing
  • 37 min 30 sec: A visual continually learning and challenging herself
  • 40 min 38 sec: Gain knowledge, share knowledge, and embrace everything
  • 41 min 48 sec: First stage work
  • 45 min 49 sec: The USP to being a female role barber
  • 47 min 27 sec: Working in America with barber inspirations
  • 53 min 23 sec: Where Leah sees herself in one years time
  • 54 min 53 sec: The big goal for Leah
  • 56 min 10 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions
  • 59 min 42 sec: Find out more on Leah