The truth of the matter is … Finding a great hair photographer is essential, since it can make the difference between capturing fantastic images of your hair work, or utter crud that does more damage than good to your hair brand. That’s why I’m delighted to have London based Photographer and TIGI’s Creative Production Director Alex Barron Hough join me for today’s episode.

Together with hairdressing icon Anthony Mascolo, Alex produces and shoots all TIGI collections and brand shoots working on the projects throughout the creative processes. So who better to help shed light on how you can get the best out of your next photographic shoot, as we go behind the lens with Alex.

Alex’s career has seen him travel extensively across the world shooting for some of the biggest names within the industry and when at Bed Head Studios Alex works on a variety of client shoots, helping salons select the right models for their collection, shooting, retouching and taking the images through to the final stages. And just listening to Alex today, you’ll know that you’re in the best company when it comes to not only photography, but also the planning and production of photoshoots.

There’s a ton of great information here including Alex’s role and journey to becoming TIGI’s Creative Production Director. So if you’re curious to how a global professional haircare brand creates such super-cool imagery time and time again, then stay tuned! You’re about to get a masterclass from TIGI’s Gatekeeper of Imagery!

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Special thanks to Alex Barron Hough for joining me today. Until next time!


Today’s Guest

Alex joined TIGI back in 2003 when Anthony Mascolo started the TIGI Bed Head Studios in London. In those early days he found himself not only working as Anthony’s assistant, but also often standing in front of the camera as a model. However it wasn’t long before he realized his passion for photography and concentrated on learning and perfecting this skills behind the camera. He also proved himself to be a fantastic organizer and coordinator, so his career moved not only into photography but also into planning and production.

Adding to his talents, over the last few years Alex has established himself as a recognized photographer backstage at Fashion Weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York shooting stories for Catwalk by TIGI and the TIGI Session Team as well as shooting the runway.


Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 05 min 43 sec: Alex’s story to working with the TIGI brand and Anthony Mascolo
  • 13 min 27 sec: Learning on the job
  • 17 min 34 sec: Photographing Runway Shows
  • 18 min 58 sec: Variation to Alex’s job role
  • 19 min 55 sec: The excitement of being around the birth of the TIGI Bed Head brand
  • 22 min 54 sec: Gatekeeper of image for TIGI
  • 24 min 18 sec: Planning a TIGI/Bed Head collection
  • 25 min 37 sec: Signature style of Alex’s photography and his collaborations
  • 29 min 31 sec: Alex’s thoughts on the British Hairdressing Awards
  • 31 min 43 sec: What it would mean for Alex to be the winning photographer behind a winning British Hairdressing Awards entry
  • 33 min 29 sec: Alex photographing a collection for you
  • 35 min 43 sec: Creative direction to a photoshoot
  • 36 min 29 sec: How a photoshoot collaboration with Alex works
  • 39 min 58 sec: Locations to a photoshoot
  • 41 min 22 sec: Alex’s tips to creative direction of a photoshoot
  • 44 min 00 sec: Break away from your comfort zone
  • 45 min 53 sec: Reach out and get in touch with Alex
  • 46 min 51 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions