Who do you regard to be some of the world’s best known and influential hairdressers? I’m glad you asked! Because today I’m in conversation with someone I regard to be one of these hairdressers, the incredible Anthony Mascolo.

Revered for his hairdressing excellence, innovating and continually adapting to change, Anthony Mascolo is an icon to generations of hairdressers – including myself! Ever since the moment I decided to embark on a career in hairdressing Anthony has long been one of my ultimate hair heroes. So to have the opportunity to interview Anthony has to be one of my biggest highlights in hairdressing to date.

The youngest of the five brothers that were behind the creation and global success of Toni & Guy, Anthony Mascolo went on to become the founder of the TIGI International Creative Team in 2003, where he still continues to lead this professional haircare company as their International Artistic Director.

This episode is an extremely rare insight in to one of hairdressings greatest ever names. Anthony’s story is spellbinding, as the man himself talks candidly about the early days of the Toni & Guy brand, the TIGI era, and his latest creation with his wife Pat Mascolo – the beautifully aesthetic Infringe Magazine that celebrates hair culture from around the world.

Be sure to feast you earbuds today with the career story and journey from one of the world’s best known and influential hairdressers of our generation. It’s a monster of a listen!

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Special thanks to Anthony Mascolo for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

ANTHONY MASCOLO TIGI International Artistic Director & Founder Anthony Mascolo founded the TIGI International Creative Team in 2003. Revered for his hairdressing excellence, Anthony is an icon to generations of hairdressers. Constantly pushing boundaries and striving to elevate his conceptual ideas to an ever-higher level, Anthony believes on-going training leads to progression and success. His philosophy is to constantly share knowledge and inspire others.

Antony has won HJ’s British Hairdresser of the Year on three occasions, as well as wins in the London and Avant Garde categories. He is also proud president of the Alternative Hair organisation.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this episode

  • 04 min 29 sec: Who is Anthony Mascolo
  • 07 min 12 sec: Why the family plays a big part
  • 08 min 33 sec: Being the youngest of 5 brothers
  • 09 min 16 sec: Dealing with the passing of brother Toni Mascolo
  • 10 min 16 sec: Families vision for Toni & Guy
  • 11 min 45 sec: The early Toni & Guy
  • 13 min 55 sec: Anthony’s dad
  • 15 min 06 sec: The early looks to the Toni & Guy brand
  • 16 min 32 sec: Bruno Mascolo
  • 19 min 04 sec: Anthony’s early role for Toni & Guy
  • 20 min 37 sec: Doing their own photography
  • 21 min 17 sec: How Anthony adapted to photography
  • 23 min 15 sec: The philosophy to Toni & Guy
  • 25 min 13 sec: The Toni & Guy franchising model
  • 26 min 33 sec: Reinventing what Anthony does
  • 28 min 11 sec: Being a publisher for Infringe Magazine
  • 29 min 27 sec: Why Anthony created the Infringe Magazine
  • 31 min 00 sec: About Infringe Magazine
  • 33 min 48 sec: A recent visit to Toyko, Japan
  • 35 min 50 sec: Taking the hairdressing craft to a magazine
  • 36 min 26 sec: Being proud of hairdressing
  • 37 min 22 sec: The launch of the next Infringe Magazine
  • 38 min 15 sec: How much to buy Infringe Magazine
  • 39 min 16 sec: Contributing artists for Infringe
  • 40 min 23 sec: A shift of change in hairdressing
  • 41 min 00 sec: Taking ownership back
  • 41 min 44 sec: Finding our place in the new world
  • 43 min 00 sec: Not just a magazine
  • 43 min 23 sec: Stay young and keep looking
  • 44 min 17 sec: Keep evolving
  • 45 min 07 sec: A Bit of drama and theatre
  • 46 min 38 sec: Other things coming from Anthony
  • 49 min 07 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions
  • 50 min 46 sec: Find out more on Anthony and his brands