I’m thrilled to bring on to the podcast Emil The Caretaker aka Emil McMahon to talk about upping you social media and online game in hairdressing. In this episode, Emil’s offering up guidance about the ever changing landscape of social platforms and how you can maximise your effectiveness without having to spend a small fortune.

Being a leading business consultant, educator and caretaker of social media management, Emil offers a wealth of experience when it comes to educating hairdressers, independent product brands and established ranges with online advice and how to get the best out of social media. In this episode,  he’ll share his experience and knowledge in which social channels could work best for your hairdressing business, and teachings on how to adapt to the changing algorithms of social channels such as Instagram and Facebook. He’ll also brief you on why and how blogging should become an essential part of your online game and strategy.

As Emil asks, do you fully understand and maximise the effectiveness of social media? With that in mind, listening in to today’s show, Emil’s expert advice will help take your online and social media game to the next level. I Learned so much sitting down chatting to Emil and I know you will too!

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Special thanks to Emil McMahon for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

Emil McMahon has spent more than four decades in the hairdressing industry and now runs his own independent training consultancy.

With a wealth of experience in educating hairdressers about everything hair related; style, colour, communication, the art of retailing and all other aspects of hairdressing, Emil can help salons, move to a new level in developing their businesses, and encourage them to overcome the challenges faced when trying to grow a customer base. The skill and experience – mixed with his talent for team building and business development is a winning formula.

His time in the industry has taken him around the world whilst working for well known global brands Wella Professionals and Tigi Professional amongst others, where he has brushed shoulders with the glitterati of the hairdressing world, this, has given Emil a deep insight into the industry.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 3 min 41 sec: Introduction to who and what Emil specialises in
  • 8 min 20 sec: Why hairdressers and barbers need to have social channels and why
  • 9 min 18 sec: Key points to what you should post
  • 11 min 51 sec: Building a social profile identitity
  • 12 min 38 sec: Why having a blog on your website is critical
  • 15 min 59 sec: What should you be writing in your blogs
  • 17 min 43 sec: Linking your social platform blog posts back to your website
  • 19 min 50 sec: Why it’s important to be placed high up on web browser lists
  • 21 min 10 sec: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • 22 min 34 sec: What is an Algorithm
  • 24 min 28 sec: Website platforms suitable for blog pages
  • 27 min 52 sec: Streamlining how many social channels you have
  • 29 min 00 sec: Snapchat for fun
  • 31 min 09 sec: Changes to Facebook and Instagram Algorithms
  • 36 min 03 sec: Emil star tip for social media management
  • 38 min 20 sec: Sit down a schedule your social media posts
  • 40 min 49 sec: Training and social media management offered by Emil The Caretaker
  • 44 min 55 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions