I’m a huge fan of how hairdressings new breeds are ripping up the rule book to how we approach the way we work as beauty professionals, and this weeks guest is no exception to this. That’s why in today’s episode I’m delighted to chat with Lacey Hunter Felton, co-founder & owner of Hunter Collective: a unique co-working space for freelance beauty and fashion professionals.

Lacey has been working on the Hunter Collective concept since 2016. Lacey is a passionate hairdresser who is working with clients and brands from all over the world. Hunter Collective evolved not only from her personal need, but from a desire to shake up an industry.

In this episode you’ll hear how Hunter Collective will help you to grow your own business. Whether you’re an International Session Stylist, a new parent returning to work and need flexible hours, or have reached your potential within your current job.

Hunter Collective is changing the way beauty professionals can access and look after their clients. Giving it’s members the chance to work around their schedules, meet and collaborate, Lacey’s dream of shaking up the industry has come to fruition, and I love it! I know you will too!


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Special thanks to Lacey Hunter Felton for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

Lacey Hunter-Felton is the co founder of Hunter Collective, a unique members co work salon space in London. Hunter Collective has been designed to create flexibility, freedom and a work life balance for freelancers across the hair, beauty and fashion industries.

A former creative stylist at Percy and Reed salon with 17 years experience, Lacey felt it was time to approach her hairdressing career in a new way. A passionate hairdresser actively working with clients and brands from all over the world, Hunter Collective is a real life test of a young mother creating a business and a family.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 04 min 49 sec: Background to Lacey
  • 06 min 45 sec: Lacey’s personal story to why she become a hairdresser
  • 10 min 32 sec: You put in what you get out
  • 11 min 42 sec: What is Hunter Collective
  • 12 min 58 sec: Why Hunter Collective it’s not renting a chair
  • 17 min 49 sec: The inspiration to Hunter Collective
  • 20 min 20 sec: Choosing how you work and earn
  • 21 min 32 sec: Who is a Hunter Collective member
  • 23 min 08 sec: Experience needed to be a Hunter Collective member
  • 25 min 17 sec: How to become a Hunter Collective member
  • 28 min 18 sec: Pricing structure of being a Hunter Collective member
  • 29 min 49 sec: Freedom and flexibility that suits your lifestyle
  • 32 min 24 sec: Teething problems experienced
  • 35 min 15 sec: How the Welcome Area works
  • 39 min 00 sec: Why Hunter Collective is brand neutral
  • 44 min 03 sec: The area space within Hunter Collective
  • 49 min 42 sec: Contacting Hunter Collective to enquire on membership
  • 50 min 49 sec: Lacey’s business partner
  • 53 min 30 sec: Lacey still working with clients on shop floor
  • 54 min 57 sec: Where to find out more on Lacey
  • 55 min 33 sec: Plans for future Hunter Collective’s
  • 56 min 43 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions