Todays guest is an expert in all things Afro, Curl and Texture. Her name is Michelle Thompson, a multi award winning hairdresser, who’s widely regarded as one the most talented textured hairstylist in Europe! Michelle’s here to talk about her story and give us fantastic insights into the diverse hair type of Afro, Curl and Textured hairdressing.

Today we’re talking all about Afro, Curl and Textured hair, but also how you could learn to become equipped in providing this niche service to a clientele that you’re currently unable to cater for. I really get inspired by this diverse side of the hairdressing industry and I’m sure after listening to Michelle, you will too!

With Michelle’s expertise and styling prowess as a respected textured and Afro hair specialist, sees her regularly called upon to judge the annual Afro Look Award at the L’Oréal Colour Trophy. And with her frequently collaborating with Avlon as their Brand ambassador and Creative director, I know that you’re in the very best company when it comes to a lesson in Afro, Curl & Textured hair.

As a hairdresser that started from humble beginnings and based at Francesco Group Birmingham Academy, Michelle likes to give back – something she’s going to give you bags of today. So sit back and enjoy this masterclass with, Michelle Thompson!


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Special thanks to Michelle Thompson for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

Michelle’s illustrious career spans over two decades, and in that time she has picked up a number of noteworthy awards. She’s a two-time winner of the Afro Hairdresser of the Year at the Schwarzkopf British Hairdressing Awards, winning in 2009 and 2015. She’s also had huge success at the Black Beauty/Wahl Hair awards, being inducted into the 2009 Hall of Fame for winning Northern Stylist of the Year for three consecutive years. In 2015 she scored a hat-trick winning Northern, Colourist and the coveted Stylist of the Year in the newly named Black Beauty/Sensationnel Hair Awards.

Her passion for healthy, natural hair has fostered collaborations and session work with numerous mainstream and high-end publications. It is not uncommon to see Michelle’s work on the cover of bestselling hair magazines too. She also works on an international scale having been featured in shows aired in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nigeria, Ghana and Dubai. Michelle has also made TV appearances on popular shows like Big Brother.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • 04 min 19 sec: Insight to Michelle’s early hairdressing career
  • 09 min 45 sec: Michelle’s role at the Francesco Group
  • 10 min 37 sec: Route and role at Francesco Group
  • 13 min 01 sec: Avlon product brand ambassador
  • 14 min 04 sec: What is the meaning to textured hair
  • 15 min 23 sec: Hair curl texture types
  • 16 min 11 sec: Should Afro, Curl and textured be part of the NVQ curriculum
  • 18 min 14 sec: Charging to Afro, Curl and Textured services
  • 19 min 36 sec: Percentage of Afro-Caribbiean clients
  • 21 min 01 sec: Why the black community go to salons that specialise in just black hair
  • 22 min 50 sec: If you want to specialise in Afro, Curl, Hair
  • 24 min 15 sec: Preconceptions of Black specialist hairdressers
  • 25 min 25 sec: Improving the professionalism
  • 26 min 22 sec: Having a specialist in Afro, Curl, Texture
  • 27 min 23 sec: Definition to Dual-Heritage hair types
  • 29 min 26 sec: Training courses with Michelle
  • 31 min 39 sec: Trend in natural curly and textured hair
  • 34 min 08 sec: Smoothing Afro hair
  • 35 min 50 sec: Hair extensions/pieces and weaving
  • 36 min 54 sec: Hair colouring for Afro hair
  • 38 min 38 sec: Variation to Textured hair
  • 40 min 07 sec: Cutting Afro, Curl and Textured hair
  • 41 min 35 sec: Michelle’s Stretch Method Blow-dry
  • 43 min 11 sec: Brushes of choice for Michelle’s Blow-dries
  • 45 min 10 sec: Why winning accolades and awards is important to Michelle
  • 46 min 40 sec: Looks behind Michelle’s collections
  • 47 min 55 sec: Michelle on why we should be doing Afro, Curl and Textured hair
  • 49 min 08 sec: How to book a course with Michelle
  • 51 min 37 sec: Find Michelle online
  • 51 min 59 sec: Michelle’s future plans
  • 53 min 23 sec: Dom’s Quick Fire Questions