This is a first for the How To Cut It Podcast series! An interview with a Fashion Stylist! Joining me for this conversation is Magdalena Jacobs – a leading London based Fashion Stylist, to learn more on what this role involves and the importance it plays when it comes to clothes styling for both hairdressing photoshoots and shows.

Magdalena’s journey to becoming a Fashion Stylist began after leaving her native Poland to pursue her dream of becoming a Fashion Stylist. London was to be her city of choice, where she embarked on a course at Central St. Martins, followed by The London College of Fashion. Today she’s going to share with you more of this motivational story of hers.

Whether you’re considering working with a Fashion Stylist for your next photoshoot, show, or you simply want some inside knowledge to styling your next project yourself, then this episode with Magdalena is going to give you loads of helpful insights. Hopefully after listening you’ll have a better understanding to the importance a Fashion Stylist will be bring to your creative project. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to Magdalena Jacobs for joining me today. Until next time!


Today’s Guest

With a unique eye for detail,  Magdalena’a goal is to create beautiful, striking imagery that challenges the everyday accepted norm, but always with an elegance and timelessness.

Sharing a studio in East London with her husband, Fabrice Jacobs – photographer, who she regularly collaborates with, as a duo Fab and Mag. She continues to build  a strong portfolio of clients including Goldwell, KMS, L’Oréal, Schwarzkopf, Babyliss, Skinade, Sexy Hair, Wella, Sebastian Professional and more, as well as styling for some of the key designer’s at London Fashion Week.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • 04 min 29 sec: We learn who Magdalena is
  • 09 min 16 sec: Fashion College courses Magdalena studied at
  • 10 min 39 sec: Gaining experience to become a Fashion Stylist
  • 12 min 47 sec: What is the role of a Fashion Stylist
  • 15 min 11 sec: Magdalena explains the projects and collaborations she works on with Drama Magazine
  • 19 min 41 sec: Why Magdalena is happy to work with new artists on collaborations
  • 21 min 07 sec: Working with hairdressers on collaborations
  • 22 min 45 sec: Why all the elements of hair, make-up and styling are essential for imagery
  • 23 min 30 sec: Why Fashion Stylists are now influential
  • 24 min 30 sec: The in’s and out’s to working with a Fashion Stylist on a project
  • 30 min 35 sec: How Magdalena pulls in the outfits from designers
  • 31 min 37 sec: Getting the right sized outfits for the models
  • 33 min 45 sec: Fitting of models
  • 34 min 58 sec: Magdalena’s backup plan for the unexpected of a photoshoot/show
  • 37 min 08 sec: Take-away tips to styling for a project on a minimum budget
  • 39 min 06 sec: Magdalena’s signature looks
  • 40 min 47 sec: Why work with a Fashion Stylist
  • 42 min 55 sec: Costs to working with a Fashion Stylist
  • 44 min 14 sec: Brands, events and projects Magdalena works on
  • 45 min 00 sec: Find out more on Magdalena
  • 47 min 17 sec: The essence of styling