Alan Beak is a truly great barber, but what makes a great barber?

With the barbering and mens grooming industry at an all-time high, it’s never been so popular to be a barber. So if you’re an aspiring barber, you need to stand out and rise above the rest of the crowd. Thats why I’m delighted to be joined by someone who is one of the most respected barbers across the globe – Alan Beak, co-owner with his brother Reece of Ruger Barber, and he’s about to share with you on what makes a great barber.

Renowned for his excellent fade work and extensive styling, Alan has many fans throughout the industry who are seeking his expertise in the craft of barbering. Alongside his educational work he is still hitting the floor regularly at his popular Ruger Barber shop, creating in demand looks for his loyal clients that includes Manchester City and Argentina’s International star footballer, Sergio Aguero.

Since opening the doors in 2014, Alan and his brother have grown the Ruger Barber brand into one of the best-known barbershops in the country. And I’m thrilled to have Alan on the show today to hear how he’s achieved this by being a great barber, so don’t miss out – have that phone in your pocket and lets get started!

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Special thanks to Alan Beak for joining me today. Until next time!


Today’s Guest

Alan Beak’s presence in the barbering world is undeniably one of the biggest in the UK. Having been trained in traditional Italian barbering, ladies hairdressing and afro-Caribbean styles, he has become the hybrid of barbers, and increasingly in-demand.

Excelling in his fade work and extensive styling has gained him notoriety throughout the country and in fact across the globe, allowing him to travel around GB and Ireland and most recently to the US to deliver their contemporary and traditional techniques. Headlining at shows like The Great British Barber Bash and the numerous magazine appearances Alan has made guest appearances at the prestigious Global Barbershop Connect event in NYC and is taking The Beak Boys on an amazing career journey.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we discuss in today’s interview

  • • The very young Alan Beak and how he went into barbering
  • • Why Alan’s love of fashion how’s been a big influence
  • • When barbering was regarded as a low level career choice
  • • Why Italian barbering is the foundations to Alan’s style of barbering
  • • What training is required to become a qualified barber
  • • How Alan ending up teaching at his local college
  • • Why psychology is a big part of what Alan does
  • • It’s not just about the money
  • • The story of Ruger – the business
  • • The relationship between Alan’s brother & business partner Reece Beak
  • • What Ruger the salon is like
  • • Why going the self-employed route for staff
  • • What makes a great barber
  • • Why is pricing not keeping up with the quality of barbering
  • • The consultation and communication with your clients
  • • Giving the right knowledge to clients on using the right hair products
  • • Educational work the Alan does
  • • How taking photography was turning point in Alan’s career
  • • Whats next for Alan