After introducing a young mens hairdresser to the stage of HairClubLive’s #OpenChairNight Autumn tour 2017, I knew right then a new industry star was born.

In Edition 5 of Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair – a series dedicated to putting the spotlight on the rising stars of the hair and barbering industry – I’m buzzing to introduce you all to that young mens hairdresser: Joey Power, co-owner and creative director of Eighty8 barber shop.

Not taking the conventional route in to the industry, Joey started out working in his dads metal recycling business before getting into the hair industry. Taking over 6 months to pluck up the courage to tell his dad that he wanted to go in to hairdressing, Joey has never looked back since that day.

Today we’re going to hear how one to one mentoring with leading mens hairdresser, Dale Ted Watkins was in part responsible for Joey going on to work with a former guest of How To Cut It, Johnny Shanahan at BarberBarberUK, Spitalfields, London as senior barber & head of the show team. Most recently, Joey has teamed up with business partner Joe Sloan to form Eighty8, a unique education facility and barber shop, where he is the Creative Director, something he’s about to tell you more about.

As with all our Showcasing editions, Joey’s going to reveal to us his career goals for the year ahead, along with his ultimate longterm goal. I can’t wait to hear if reaches some of these goals when I bring he back on to the show in July 2019. Listen in and enjoy the ride with Joey Power!


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Special thanks to Joey Power for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

Joey Power is an individual modern barber with his interest placed firmly in urban & sub cultures, social history, music & fashion. His inspired forward thinking ideas and earthy connection to what’s what drives him and keeps his work firmly in the now! Ever mindful of new & developing trends Joey maintains a strong foundation in the heritage of the classic techniques of men’s hair, style and image.

Show notes:

Here’s some of the things we discuss in today’s episode

  • • Overview to how Joey went from Metal Recycling to men’s hairdressing
  • • Why the world of barbering and men’s hairdressing appealed to Joey
  • • The difference between the bread & butter barber work to creative work
  • • Being mentored one to one by leading mens hairdresser, Dale Ted Watkins
  • • Working with Johnny at Barber Barber UK
  • • Working at 45 minute appointment times
  • • How Joey’s trait can adapt to all types of clients and how to communicate with them
  • • Working in Mens London Fashion Week
  • • Opening the Eighty8 business and product brand with Jo Sloane
  • • The early days of trading for Eighty8 – challenges and all
  • • The Eighty8 team
  • • Art Directing and creating 3 photo collections on one day
  • • Entering industry competitions
  • • Joey’s big 3 career goals for the next year
  • • Joey’s Big Goal!