Tuttii Fruittii London is not your conventional hair salon!

Owners Tuttii Fruitti and Toni Tits passion of Clown and Hair artistry have come together to bring the local community of Deptford, South East London a unique space that is more than a salon. In a space that’s promoting self empowerment and creative freedom through identity expression, today we’re going to learn more on why these two clown hair sculptors are challenging the NORM!.

Tuttii and Toni’s hairdressing story is filled with rebelling against what they see to be societies preconceived ideas on what the beauty norms are and oppressive discriminatory stereotypes. In this episode we’re going to hear how the Tuttii Fruittii London salon started out as caravan sat within a the grounds of a Deptford primary school, before going on to become a fixed bricks and mortar high street shop that promotes hair pride for all genders and hair types.

I’m really excited to introduce you all to these two young ladies who are bringing their varied social, political and expression of nonconformity beliefs to the hair industry, reminiscent to that of the punk movement.

So let’s get the ball rolling as we dive into a bowl full of technicolour fruits for all genders and hair types – Tuttii Fruittii London. Enjoy the juice!


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Special thanks to Tuttii and Toni for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

TUTTII FRUITTII London is a Clown Hair Sculptors specialising in HAIR ARTISTRY. In their Deptford based shop they showcase their signature technicolor sculpted hair designs and colour magic.

Embodying a lifestyle where hair Art is an everyday affair mixing traditional barbering and cutting techniques with an artistic use of colour and pattern work. There is no limit here to where you want to take your identity.

Healing through transformation, play and creativity is powerful. That is the mission at Tuttii Fruittii London.

Show notes:

Here’s some of the things we discuss in today’s episode

  • 00 min 28 sec: Dom’s episode intro
  • 05 min 59 sec: Heads up on how Tuttii Fruittii London started in a caravan
  • 09 min 27 sec: Background to Toni and Tuttii
  • 12 min 01 sec: Going from caravan to opening a high street salon
  • 14 min 05 sec: The salon space of Tuttii Fruittii London
  • 16 min 20 sec: Who are the Clown Hair Sculptors
  • 17 min 51 sec: Being part of the local community in Deptford, London
  • 18 min 28 sec: A salon that welcomes all types
  • 24 min 09 sec: How a Punk movement has been an influence
  • 27 min 50 sec: What vibe is the Tuttii Fruittii London space
  • 28 min 16 sec: Toni and Tuttii without the Clown masks
  • 33 min 04 sec: The Tuttii Fruittii London team
  • 35 min 59 sec: Clients of Tuttii Fruittii London
  • 38 min 03 sec: Deptford being hit be gentrification
  • 40 min 19 sec: The next steps for Tuttii Fruittii London
  • 41 min 38 sec: The press attention Tutti Fruittii London is getting
  • 42 min 08 sec: Hair and Clowning, and equal passion
  • 42 min 56 sec: The big dream of Tuttii Fruittii London
  • 43 min 24 sec: Find out more on Tuttii Fruittii Londondon
  • 44 min 15 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • 46 min 43 sec: Dom’s episode outro
  • Resources