Creating awesome hair photography isn’t easy, but get it right and it could be game changer for your hairdressing career!

Before you go off shooting that next photoshoot of yours, there are many factors that you need to consider, like retouching your photos and why you may need to take a fresh themed approach to your hair collections. This is why I’ve invited multi-award winning photographer Tony Le-Britton onto the show today. We’re about to dive into a valuable lesson on hair photography, so I’d highly recommend you listen in to my conversation with one of the most celebrated hair photographers in the UK.

Photographing your hair collections can be a massive investment, so maximising them to their full potential makes perfect sense. But how do you go about this? Who do you work with? What to do with your photographed hair collection? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Get it wrong and it could have a massive impact on your cashflow and the future creative projects you work on. Get it right and the industry, media and consumer accolades can quickly follow.

Tony has many of the answers for us today. He works with some of the worlds largest brands, salons and hairdressing royalty, shooting covers, editorials and campaigns worldwide fashion. Today he’s teaching us many things we need to understand if you really want to create awesome hair photography. This episode is critical for any hairstylists or barbers that are considering, plotting or embarking on a photoshoot that captures their hair work. If that includes you, than listen in – it might just be your GAME CHANGER!!


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Special thanks to Tony Le-Britton for joining me today. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

Multi award-winning photographer, specialising in the hair industry with a fashion led approach of timeless beauty & movement. Tony Le-Britton is one of the most celebrated hair photographers in the UK.
His signature style of timeless beauty & movement has gained him recognition with some of the worlds largest brands, salons and hairdressing royalty as both a photographer & creative director.
Before specializing in hair, Tony worked in the fashion and beauty industry; shooting covers , editorials and campaigns for worldwide fashion magazines and brands.
It is this which sets him apart from other photographers in the industry & he strives to push the boundaries of traditional hair photography, favoring a fashion led approach.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we discuss in today’s episode

  • 00 min 29 sec: Dom’s Intro
  • 03 min 56 sec: A bio to Tony’s background in photography
  • 07 min 29 sec: How modelling was Tony’s introduction into photography
  • 12 min 30 sec: Not being classically trained as a photographer
  • 13 min 14 sec: The early shoot with Estee Lauder Tony worked on
  • 17 min 02 sec: Taking timeout to travel
  • 19 min 36 sec: Clients Tony photographs for
  • 20 min 18 sec: Photographing for British Hairdressing Awards
  • 21 min 39 sec: How photographic work in hairdressing is evolving
  • 23 min 00 sec: Why are hair industry collections stagnating
  • 25 min 29 sec: British Hairdressing Awards entry rules change
  • 26 min 46 sec: Is everyone playing by the rules
  • 27 min 31 sec: Retouching a photograph
  • 28 min 47 sec: How does retouching work
  • 33 min 18 sec: Tony’s proposal to maximising a photo collection
  • 37 min 47 sec: How Tony proposes the industry moves forward with creating images
  • 38 min 36 sec: Where to get your inspirations from
  • 39 min 18 sec: Communicating with Tony on a photoshoot
  • 40 min 29 sec: Working with Tony on a photoshoot
  • 41 min 29 sec: The first meeting with Tony when working with him
  • 42 min 19 sec: Finding a theme to your photoshoot
  • 44 min 19 sec: Getting a front cover of a magazine
  • 45 min 48 sec: Where to find out more on Tony
  • 47 min 07 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • 49 min 06 sec: Dom’s Outro