Right now the hair industry has a crisis on it’s hands. We’re not attracting enough young people into it! A problem that effects all of us involved within it, what are we all doing to help address this crisis? That’s why I’ve got Emma Bavin with me today, who’s gone about challenging excatly this crisis by creating the amazing Choose Hair initiative.

A specialist in recruitment services for the hair industry, Emma launched the Choose Hair initiative in 2017 as a not-for-profit campaign to inspire and encourage young people into a career within the hair industry. Curious to learn more on this initiative we’re going to hear today how Emma is urging us all to get involved by going into our local schools to shout out about hairdressing.

With less young people coming into hairdressing will stop the growth for salon businesses, which in turn will have a dramatic knock on effect the could diminish the hair industry. So like never before it’s never been more critical that we all take note and go about promoting this fun, creative and flexible career as an attractive option to the next generation of hairdressers.

With the industries media, manufactures and salons now putting their weight behind the Choose Hair initiative, we should all be incredibly thankful and supportive on what Emma is doing. And most recently with the Choose Hair campaign spreading the message by attending some of the industry’s most prestigious events, it’s the perfect time to now join the movement and shout loud and proud on the fabulous benefits of a career in hairdressing.

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Special thanks to Emma Bavin for joining me today.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

Today’s Guest

Emma began her working life as a hairdresser, before moving into selling haircare products to salons. In 2008, she spotted a gap in the market, and set up EG Recruit to provide a bespoke specialised recruitment service to the hair industry. Emma’s in-depth experience and love of this exciting and glamorous industry contributed to her natural flair for matching candidates to brands, in roles ranging from Trainee Salesperson to Global Education Director.

Celebrating its 10th year in business in April 2018, EG Recruit continues to provide a streamlined, cost-effective connection between candidates and clients. From small independent start-ups to major global brands, Eg Recruit’s simple mission “to build successful teams for our clients and successful careers for our candidates” has made it the UK’s leading hair & beauty recruiter.

With that success under her belt, Emma turned her attention to salon recruitment, setting up the Jobs in Hairdressing website. Now the UK’s #1 job site for hairdressers, it harnesses the power of social media to bring salon opportunities to a wider audience.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we discuss in today’s episode 13 sec

  • 00 min 30 sec: Dom’s show intro
  • 03 min 56 sec: A background to Emma working in recruitment
  • 06 min 09 sec: An understanding to why schools are directing into different avenues
  • 07 min 57 sec: The inspiration to Choose Hair
  • 09 min 01 sec: Emma’s early career
  • 11 min 41 sec: Emma’s recruitment business in the hair industry
  • 17 min 26 sec: The early start of Choose Hair
  • 23 min 17 sec: Go and find your apprentices
  • 24 min 01 sec: How other industries are recruiting correctly
  • 27 min 38 sec: Emma’s vision to how Choose Hair will work by going in to schools
  • 30 min 16 sec: Choose Hair Stage at Salon International
  • 31 min 42 sec: Going on the Choose Hair stage
  • 32 min 41 sec: The evolving Choose Hair campaign
  • 33 min 45 sec: Understanding what Choose Hair is about
  • 35 min 19 sec: Who can be part of Choose Hair
  • 36 min 22 sec: Regional Choose Hair ambassadors
  • 38 min 39 sec: Choose Hair, the most rewarding thing to do for Emma
  • 39 min 55 sec: Choose Hair day to raise awareness
  • 40 min 47 sec: Making it easier for people to go into schools
  • 44 min 16 sec: Where to find out more on Choose Hair
  • 47 min 14 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • 48 min 40 sec: Dom’s show outro