I love talking to those who are challenging hairdressing convention with a fresh approach. And that is exactly what I’ll be doing in todays episode. We’re talking to Dale Herne and Angelo Vallillo – two top hairdressers who’ve paired together to create a new movement in hair: DNA Artspace.

The multi-award winning Dale and Angelo have a fantastic pedigree in the hair industry. Teaching all over the world, along with working on many high profile shoots, these good friends took the plunge to become a business partners. Now sharing a united dream, the super cool boys are spreading the DNA culture of a alternative vision for the salon of today. Something I’m seriously excited about sharing with you all today.

In this episode we’re to hear how the DNA Artspace is a multi-functioning creative hub thats so much more than a generic hair salon. A collaboration of arts under one space, a DNA market space and live dj’s, it’s clear to see that this duo are creating a new movement in hairdressing. Angelo says: “For me and Dale it’s very much about creating DNA Artspace to create an environment thats inspiring as soon as you walk in for any person.”

I know theres so much in this episode that will help get you inspired about your salon space too. So hit that play button and let’s get this social gathering started!

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Special thanks to Dale Herne and Angelo Vallillo for joining me today.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!

Today’s Guest

Individually, Dale Herne and Angelo Vallillo, are considered among the top hairdressers in the country. Together, they are DNA Artspace.

Incorporating Dale’s passion for precision techniques and Angelo’s free-flowing creative vision, the pair of multi-award winning hairdressers have combined their talent and passion for gorgeous, affordable style. Years of editorial and session work, travelling the world and working with the biggest and best names in the industry, Dale and Angelo have come together to launch DNA Artspace. A place where their experience, expertise and energy comes together to offer the highest, freshest hairdressing in the city. Longer appointment times, world-class hair stylists and an environment that truly inspires.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we discuss in todays episode

  • 00 min 30 sec: Dom’s show intro
  • 04 min 41 sec: Background to Dale
  • 06 min 18 sec: Background to Angelo
  • 10 min 42 sec: Dale’s signature style of work
  • 11 min 06 sec: Angelo’s signature style of work
  • 12 min 55 sec: Adapting a new style
  • 14 min 30 sec: The business background to the boys
  • 15 min 33 sec: Why raising an industry profile has been important for Angelo
  • 16 min 18 sec: How Dale and Angelo’s DNA Artspace business partnership came about
  • 18 min 52 sec: Heads up to DNA Artspace
  • 20 min 05 sec: How they make the DNA Artspace so inspiring
  • 22 min 19 sec: Creating an environment that encourages creativity
  • 24 min 27 sec: The right spot for the DNA Artspace
  • 25 min 39 sec: The DNA Artspace
  • 27 min 11 sec: DNA clients and team
  • 30 min 11 sec: Expectations being reached
  • 31 min 01 sec: Entering the British Hairdressing Awards through collaborations
  • 34 min 59 sec: Advice to those maybe struggling to make a salon work
  • 37 min 07 sec: Give youth a go
  • 39 min 22 sec: Hairdressers not being the same in approach
  • 40 min 58 sec: The exposure of the industry going through the roof
  • 44 min 59 sec: Future plans for DNA Artspace
  • 46 min 17 sec: Get involved with DNA Artspace
  • 46 min 50 sec: Why get educated the DNA way
  • 49 min 12 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • 52 min 09 sec: Dom’s show outro