Want to start you’re own new salon business from scratch, but unsure how to go about it? If this sounds like you, then todays episode is simply unmissable. I’m in conversation with Patrick Marrow, a hairstylist who decided to take the plunge into doing exactly that – becoming a new salon owner of HiveMCR in Manchester’s City Centre. Today he’ll explain how he got started it, offering his insights and experiences he went through from start to finish. It’s a cracker!

Having worked at one of Manchester’s most established salons for ten years, Patrick’s learned from some of the best hairdressers along the way; before deciding to make the jump from management to ownership. And it’s a decision he’s never looked back on with regret. From spotting a restaurant that he’d long wanted to be the location for his first hair salon business becoming available, Patrick set the wheels in motion to starting a new salon business from scratch.

Being a new salon owner can be a daunting prospect. Finding suitable premises, negotiating leases, having the right finances in place, bringing together your team and making sure that you’ve crunched them numbers correctly are just some of the things you need to think out when creating that business plan. Eek, business plan! Fear not! Patrick’s tread the water on all of this for you, so feel reassured that you’re going to have some great guidance today.

Now, is starting a new salon business from scratch for everyone? Not necessarily, but don’t rule it out either, at least not without tuning in to this interview. Patrick’s going to give you an insider’s look at his journey, and a lot more, so get comfortable and press play!


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Special thanks to Patrick Marrow for joining me today.

Until next time, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

Having worked at one of Manchester’s most established salons for ten years, learning from some of the best hairdressers along the way; Pat decided to make the jump from management to ownership.

An adopted, but still proud Mancunian, Pat wanted to express himself through his salon as well as let his team members and clients alike to find a space where they felt like they could do the same.

A brand ambassador for the original direct dye, Crazy Colour, Patricks signature style is fun, crafted colour in beautiful condition, tailored to the individual client. His career has taken him through the continent assisting and working for well known industry names.

Show notes:

Here’s some of we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro
  • >> 03 min 55 sec: Backstory to Patrick
  • >> 05 min 38 sec: Why Patrick created his own salon business, HiveMCR
  • >> 08 min 52 sec: Brand identity of HiveMCR
  • >> 10 min 59 sec: The hairdressing that excites Patrick
  • >> 11 min 51 sec: The beginnings of HiveMCR salon business
  • >> 17 min 39 sec: What Patrick needed in place to get the lease of the shop premises
  • >> 20 min 06 sec: Why having a solicitor is critical when negotiating a business lease
  • >> 23 min 35 sec: Having a good business plan in place
  • >> 24 min 32 sec: Finances in place to setting up the salon business
  • >> 27 min 16 sec: Vision of creating the brand look of the salon
  • >> 30 min 34 sec: Having an alcohol licence to serve alcoholic drinks in your business
  • >> 32 min 20 sec: Salon business location of HiveMCR
  • >> 35 min 22 sec: Creating the salon team members of HiveMCR
  • >> 37 min 41 sec: Why self-employed over employing for Patricks salon business
  • >> 43 min 04 sec: How is the salon business is doing
  • >> 44 min 22 sec: Biggest challenges of the salon business
  • >> 46 min 51 sec: Managing the balance of quality given to salon and clients
  • >> 49 min 34 sec: Pricing of the salon services
  • >> 51 min 50 sec: The single best thing of having your own salon business
  • >> 52 min 57 sec: Patrick’s advice for anyone opening a new salon
  • >> 53 min 53 sec: How Patrick wants the salon business to grow over the next year
  • >> 57 min 20 sec: Where to find out more on Patrick and HiveMCR online
  • >> 59 min 27 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • >> 01 hr 01 min 56 sec: Show outro








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