When Jonathan first took his gentle steps into hairdressing by doing work experience in his uncles salon, he could never have imagined what a journey in hair could lead to. Years later, it has led him to his dream role – becoming a Global Brand Ambassador for a leading haircare company. This episode today with Jonathan is going to motivate you to dream big no matter what stage you’re at in your hair career.

Jonathan exemplifies a new generation of British hairdressing. His outlook to pushing himself in the industry is proof that it can bring it’s rewards. Working with some of London’s leading salon names – including at his brother-in-laws salon, celebrity hairdresser Jamie Stevens, he has worked with a host of celebrities and on major red-carpet events including the BAFTAs, The BRIT Awards and the National Television Awards.

With all this glam, showbiz and working alongside one of British hairdressings biggest names many of us would stick on what we’ve got. Not Jonathan! Becoming a new dad one year ago changed all that for him. It was this pivot point moment that triggered a new chapter in his story, seeing him take a new direction as a freelance hairstylist which opened up the door of opportunity for him landing his new dream role.

Never a straightforward journey, he’s here today to talk us through the ups, the downs and the ups again that he’s experienced on his way to becoming a Global Brand Ambassador. I know that by listening in to his brilliant story will motivate you to keep going in your journey, and who knows: one day landing your dream role in hair, too!

Go ahead and hit play, and let’s go on that journey!


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Special thanks to Jonathan Andrew for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

The new Global Brand Ambassador for Fudge Professional, Jonathan exemplifies a new generation of British hairdressing, which sees expertise and energy combine with a fresh outlook on the changing hair and beauty landscape.

Jonathan has worked with a host of celebrities and his red-carpet styling is in A-list demand at major events in the media calendar including the BAFTAs, The BRIT Awards and the National Television Awards.

Not forgetting his status within the highly competitive professional hairdressing sphere, Jonathan is repeatedly recognised with industry awards, being a 3 time finalist at the British hairdressing awards an claiming titles such as Hair and Creative Head magazines, who crowned Jonathan as Best Men’s Hairdresser and Male Grooming Specialist, respectively.

Passionate about education Jonathan has traveled the globe to showcase his talent to thousands of hairdressers and influencers, educating his peers in numerous skills and techniques.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in todays episode 

  • >> 00 sec 30 sec: Show intro
  • >> 06 min 06 sec: A heads up on Jonathan’s early hairdressing career
  • >> 15 min 20 sec: Moving to London to work with family
  • >> 16 min 36 sec: Being a salon apprentice
  • >> 21 min 32 sec: Joining the LO’real id artist training programme
  • >> 27 min 11 sec: Pushing yourself in the industry
  • >> 31 min 06 sec: Working with celebrity hairstylist Jamie Stevens
  • >> 33 min 11 sec: Making the massive decision of going alone as a freelance hairstylist
  • >> 35 min 48 sec: Being a self-employed hairstylist
  • >> 39 min 51 sec: Falling back in love with hairdressing again
  • >> 41 min 50 sec: Becoming a Global Brand Ambassador
  • >> 46 min 02 sec: What role as Global Brand Ambassador will involve
  • >> 49 min 26 sec: The rules have changed… Its a whole new game
  • >> 54 min 07 sec: There’s so much scope in the industry
  • >> 55 min 45 sec: Jonathan shares a funny moment working on stage
  • >> 57 min 51 sec: Where to find out more on Jonathan
  • >> 58 min 31 sec: Dom’s 5 Quick Fire Questions
  • >> 01 hr 00 min 06 sec: Show outro







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