This weeks guest has some great advice for all young hairdressers who are looking to find industry success. We’re joined today by current British Newcomer of the Year 2018 and educator at the Toni & Guy Academy, Gianluca Caruso. He will be offering all of you new into your hairdressing journey, bucket loads of tips on what can be achieved within it.

Having 24 year old Gianluca on the show today, makes for the ideal role model when it comes to sharing advise to young hairdressers on what it takes to find industry success. Moving from his native Italy to London in 2015 to train with the highly talented team at the Toni & Guy London Academy, his time in London combined with his drive and passion for hairdressing has seen him win several gongs at the Italian Hairdressing Awards, and, in 2018 win Newcomer of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards.

Now wannabe future hair stars! Before you dive into this wonderful interview with Gianluca, lets get realistic!

The early beginnings in hairdressing can be testing. Expect to regularly be working long hours outside the nine to five norm, maintaining the smooth day to day running of a busy salon, consistently delivering superb client care, and all whilst committing to an intense 2 to 3 year training plan before you’ve even qualified. That’s why keeping engaged on all that the creative side of the industry has to offer, such as entering competitions and having the ambition to one day win a major industry award is so important to helping you maintain enthusiasm for a happy and longterm career in hairdressing.

If this excites you then this episode is for you, so take a listen and be inspired on how young hairdressers can find industry success. It’ll be time well spent – enjoy!


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Special thanks to Gianluca Caruso for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

Teaching at the Toni and Guy Academy and winning a number of Italian Hairdressing Awards including 2015 Revelation of the Year, 2016 Best Young Hairdresser, 2017 Best cut, 2018  Best look, and in 2018 won Newcomer for British Hairdressing Award, Gianluca is part of an exciting new generation hairdressers.

His journey to date has only fuelled his ambitions and passion for the hairdressing industry. For Gianluca hairdressing is not just a job, it’s a way of life.

Show notes:

Here’s some of we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro
  • >> 05 min 24 sec: Background to where and what Gianluca is currently doing in hairdressing
  • >> 07 min 21 sec: Excited by British Hairdressing
  • >> 09 min 22 sec: Why Italians make good hairdressers
  • >> 10 min 11 sec: Gianluca’s industry success in Italy
  • >> 15 min 19 sec: The key skills Gianluca gained from his fathers
  • >> 19 min 24 sec: The possibilities for any young hairdresser if you work hard
  • >> 26 min 51 sec: Getting involved in industry competitions and awards
  • >> 30 min 05 sec: Why young hairdressers should get involved in creative projects
  • >> 31 min 27 sec: Have a mentor
  • >> 32 min 34 sec: How to create the right images
  • >> 34 min 01 sec: Gianluca’s signature look
  • >> 36 min 53 sec: How to find your signature style
  • >> 39 min 51 sec: Working as a team on a creative project
  • >> 43 min 23 sec: Working alongside Cos Sakkas and the Toni & Guy Art Team
  • >> 44 min 28 sec: Top tip to winning an industry award
  • >> 46 min 29 sec: Future plans for Gianluca
  • >> 49 min 56 sec: Gianluca’s all time favourite hairdresser
  • >> 51 min 37 sec: Where to find Gianluca online
  • >> 52 min 53 sec: Last 5 Questions
  • >> 57 min 09 sec: Show outro



Toni and Guy Education

EP075: Cos Sakkas – An Interview with Toni and Guys International Artistic Director


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