I’m big time pumped up for today’s podcast, because joining me for this episode is Ricky Walters, the creator and owner of Salon64 – a salon concept that is revolutionising the traditional hair salon.

Top London hairstylist Ricky developed the unique Salon64 concept whilst walking around London and was bored of seeing all hair salons looking the same. Seeing a gap in the market, he went about asking himself: what a salon is and what a salon does?? The final push Ricky needed to creating Salon64 came when managing a salon within a five star hotel and regularly been asked by clients: Do you have a phone charger and can I stay afterwards to do my make-up and get myself ready for a night out with my friends?? Being in five star hotel he would always say yes, but deep down he thought; no you can’t, thats my chair, I’ve got clients waiting, and now I’ve got to move someone around to accommodate this.

In 2017 Ricky took the leap to opening Salon64 in London’s Soho. He took the salons inspiration from the original French salon and brought into the modern age, by changing the hair & beauty experience for the future. A social hub where patrons can meet, retreat, work and enjoy a host of styling and pampering services, we’re about to learn about this revolutionary concept and the design that inspires the art of conversation through it’s transformative spaces such as The Fire Pits, The Style Bar and The Bar.

As salon owners we often play it safe and follow the same old traditional salon business model and concept. But if you’re becoming tired of this model and in need of some seriously inspirational out-of-the-box thinking to the salon of the future, then this episode with Ricky is required listening for you. So common, tune-in, listen and enjoy!


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Special thanks to Ricky Walters for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

At only 26 years old, top London Stylist Ricky Walters has already taken the world of hairdressing by storm. He has quickly built a reputation for creating chic and modern hair styles for some of the world’s biggest international superstars and actors, including Sandra Bullock and Arnold Schwarzenegger. From Hollywood film premieres to the GQ Grooming Awards, BAFTAS to the BRITS, Ricky has showcased some of his best work on the red carpets.

Not just for those walking the red carpets, Ricky’s work can be discovered on London’s elite and in a selection of glossy titles including Vogue, Financial Times and Hello. Whether styling hair for his ever-growing client base, backstage or during a photoshoot, Ricky’s wealth of knowledge is combined with a fresh look at modern hairdressing to consistently push boundaries and achieve stunning results.

Having sharpened his scissors at Daniel Galvin @ The Corinthia & John Frieda, Ricky is bringing his special talents to Soho, London. Soho has long been associated with entertainment, fashion & beauty industries and Ricky has reimagined his craft for the millennial era with a luxurious multi-functional space that connects hair and beauty with the social experience. Opening in October 2017, SALON64 is the new cosmetology destination for a new era.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we discuss in today’s interview 

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro
  • >> 04 min 48 sec: Background to why Ricky created the Salon 64 concept
  • >> 08 min 57 sec: Overview to Ricky’s career in hairdressing
  • >> 10 min 51 sec: Setting up Salon64
  • >> 16 min 25 sec: The Salon64 space
  • >> 19 min 09 sec: The getting ready bar
  • >> 22 min 19 sec: Ricky’s advice to how to create an innovative and sensational salon space
  • >> 24 min 22 sec: The White Bright Space
  • >> 26 min 08 sec: The running of the licensed and coffee bar
  • >> 28 min 00 sec: What is The Private Vault space and clients
  • >> 28 min 59 sec: The signature looks of Salon64
  • >> 31 min 22 sec: Becoming the innovative thinkers and creators in the hair industry
  • >> 33 min 25 sec: The biggest challenges for Salon64
  • >> 35 min 16 sec: The working roles at Salon64 for Ricky
  • >> 36 min 03 sec: The Salon64 team
  • >> 37 min 42 sec: What’s the future vision for the Salon64 brand
  • >> 41 min 23 sec: Why go to the next step to what others are doing
  • >> 42 min 10 sec: How Ricky sees the future of the hair industry
  • >> 44 min 03 sec: The event space of Salon64
  • >> 45 min 55 sec: Where to find Salon64 online
  • >> 46 min 59 sec: ‘Last 5 Questions That Has Nothing to do with Hair Whatsoever’
  • >> 48 min 47 sec: Show outro




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