Hands up who wants to expand their salon business, ‘FAST’? If this sounds like you then you’re in for a treat today.

Joining me is Jeff Letter, an award-winning businessman and Managing Director of The PENNEYS group. A name that you may not all be familiar with just yet, but I’m seriously charged to share with you all how Jeff has flipped on it’s head the common salon business model, and created something so unique that it’s seeing his salon group expanding ‘fast’! And it’s a unique business model that could work for your salon business, too!

This episode could be really special for your salon business. In fact this unique business model Jeff has created is so inspirational, it could make you completely reinvent how you’re running it! In an industry battling to both recruit and hold on to team members, it’s critical that we find new inventive ways to provide staff with both an exciting career pathway of opportunities and with good earning potentials. Agree?

We will hear today how The PENNEYS group are embarking on an exciting period of fast growth under it’s you unique business model. As well as a distribution business, a group of salons, and a property investment company PENNEYS is also a hair salon franchise. Team members and salon owners within PENNEYS can take advantage of the career opportunities to become trainers and mentors as well as the investment opportunities within the property company. Yep, property company!

Jeff has designed an unique business model that allows for fast expansion and a very cost effective way for people including existing salon owners to join the PENNEYS brand. The PENNEYS group are embarking on an exciting period of fast growth, and I can’t wait to serve you a piece of this cake today. It could be your game changing moment!


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Special thanks to Jeff Letter for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

Jeff Letter’s journey in to hairdressing wasn’t the normal route. It was after an off the cuff suggestion from a friend over breakfast led Jeff Letter to leave his home in Majorca to pursue a career in hair salon ownership.

A change of direction led him to start a property portfolio of seven properties before embarking on his hairdressing journey. Fast forward 19 years and more than 20 business awards later and Jeff is now the MD of PENNEYS a group of hair related businesses that grew to a seven figure turnover within three years.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec.: Show intro.
  • >> 04 min 13 sec.: Overview to Jeff Letter and why he went into the hairdressing business.
  • >> 09 min 49 sec: Identifying the problems of the hairdressing salon business model.
  • >> 12 min 32 sec: The story behind government funding to a share ownership scheme.
  • >> 19 min 26 sec: The Penneys USP.
  • >> 22 min 02 sec: Getting on the property ladder.
  • >> 23 min 43 sec: Providing a tailored a career pathway
  • >> 26 min 27 sec: Distribution business part of the Penneys business model and ethos
  • >> 29 min 33 sec: Team members buying in to the Penneys business model
  • >> 30 min 45 sec: Franchise model and brand of Penneys
  • >> 33 min 25 sec: Why recruiting Directors to joining the Penneys Company
  • >> 36 min 42 sec: The future growth plans for Penneys
  • >> 37 min 41 sec: How to become a Penneys franchise business
  • >> 42 min 22 sec: The USP to the Penneys franchise business model
  • >> 45 min 11 sec: Putting Penneys franchise salons into owned leasehold properties
  • >> 47 min 17 sec: Translating successful non-hairdressing business back into hairdressing
  • >> 48 min 25 sec: Where to find out more on becoming part of Penneys
  • >> 51 min 39 sec: Last 5 Questions
  • >> 54 min 56 sec: Show outro