In today’s episode I’m joined by one of British hairdressings most exciting new generation of stars, Harriet Stokes.

A Senior stylist, colourist and international educator for the word famous Not Another Salon, I’m really keen to learn how under the guidance of Sophia Hilton, Harriet’s non-stop creative talent for strikingly tasteful hair has seen her go from relative unknown to an award-winning hairdresser in her short time of being in London. And I know you’ll be inspired by hearing this, too!

We’re about to learn how Harriet’s three and half years in London has seen her become both a highly in demand stylist and a sell out educator for Not Another Academy. Her story will also reveal how she completed two years with the L’Oreal ID team, winning the L’Oreal Colour Trophy ‘Star Award’, finalist for Creative Head’s ‘Hair trend” category and becoming an ‘It Girl’ finalist for the last two years. While teaching up and down the country and around the world with Not Another Academy.

From the many messages I receive from you all, I know that many of you get psyched up by listening in to hairdressings new generation. Hearing their inspirational stories like Harriet’s today, can really help you take your hairdressing ambitions to the next level. But be sure to take onboard that this is not a quick and easy journey. You’ll get tons of stuff from Harriet, who’s desire to be the best that she can be is matched with an obsession to achieving this with a genuinely hard working ethic. I’m such a fan of hers!

So lets not wait anymore, hit that play button and enter into the world of the creative hair talent that is Harriet Stokes of Not Another Salon. Enjoy!


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Special thanks to Harriet Stokes for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

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Today’s Guest

Harriet Stokes is a Senior stylist, colourist and international educator for Not Another Salon. In the short 3.5 years that Harriet has been in London she has become a high in demand stylist and a sell out educator for Not Another Academy. In that short time of being In London Harriet has managed to grow a large clientele at Not Another Salon, complete 2 years with the L’Oreal ID team, win the L’Oreal colour trophy star award, finalise for creative heads ‘Hair trend” category and finalise for creative heads It girl for the last two years. While teaching up and down the county and around the world with Not Another Academy

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 05 min 30 sec: Harriet’s ‘It Girl’ 2019 nomination.
  • >> 09 min 13 sec: Harriet’s start in her hairdressing career.
  • >> 14 min 25 sec: What Harriet loves about hairdressing.
  • >> 15 min 52 sec: Moving to London and the trade tests.
  • >> 26 min 26 sec: When Harriet got a message from Sophia Hilton and going on to work at Not Another Salon.
  • >> 32 min 58 sec: What it’s like working alongside Sophia Hilton.
  • >> 35 min 23 sec: Harriet’s style of hairdressing work.
  • >> 37 min 59 sec: Harriet’s education and presentation work.
  • >> 42 min 18 sec: Travelling around the world in show and education work.
  • >> 43 min 55 sec: How to not crash and burnout.
  • >> 46 min 35 sec: The real side of being a busy successful hairdresser and educator.
  • >> 48 min 56 sec: Learn to say no.
  • >> 49 min 53 sec: Not Another Salon social media co-ordinator.
  • >> 52 min 23 sec: Not Another Social.
  • >> 54 min 06 sec: What Harriet sees for herself going forward.
  • >> 57 min 06 sec: Where to find Harriet online.
  • >> 57 min 48 sec: Get on courses and in-salon trying with the Not Another Salon team.
  • >> 59 min 20 sec: Last 5 Questions.
  • >> 01 hr 01 min 44 sec: Show outro.


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Not Another Social

Not Another Academy



EP066: Sophia Hilton – An Interview with a Hairdressing Superstar


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