Be prepared for a podcast blockbuster! I’m joined by Niall Colgan and what you’re about to hear is one of the most powerful, emotional and hard hitting stories that we have ever brought you to date! An incredible comeback story, you’ll hear how Niall seemed to have it all. Enjoying great success, before the cracks began to show, I guarantee that you’ll all be hanging on every last word Niall shares with us today!

In 2009 Niall opened Niall Colgan Hairdressing, and in his very own words said: “I was flying by the seat of my pants, and with no clue on how to be a leader!”. With this pressure he ended up having a total breakdown in October 2013 and a suicide attempt, when it appeared that he had lost both his business and young family.

Hitting rock bottom was the turning point for Niall to rebuild his life. With Six years of sobriety later and with his partner of ten years, Melie, by his side and his two young sons, they have gone from strength to strength.

Niall is a truly inspirational being. Listen in to hear his words on recovery from the depths of being rock bottom, and how he’s rebuilt both his life and thriving salon business out of a hard working ethic and huge passion for hair. Now at 50 years of age, Niall has only just begun!


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Special thanks to Niall Colgan for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye

Today’s Guest

In 2009 Niall saw a chasm in the market for a high end yet accessible salon for his discerning clientele. The rest is his-story.

After 33 years in the industry Niall’s passion and dedication to maintain his extremely high standard remains unwavered. Niall believes you never stop learning and evolving in your chosen craft.

Now employing 19 staff, Niall Colgan Hairdressing is finally making the sort of waves in the industry that Niall has always dreamed of .

His obsession for hair and his team is going to take them places. He’s only just begun!

Show notes:

Here’s some of what cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 04 min 40 sec: Background to Niall Colgan.
  • >> 05 min 32 sec: Why Niall is 10 years in to a 3 year business plan.
  • >> 13 min 18 sec: Why Niall believes the hairdressing industry hit an all time low.
  • >> 16 min 05 sec: A difficult childhood for Niall.
  • >> 20 min 55 sec: The summer of 1985.
  • >> 25 min 49 sec: Starting out in hairdressing with Hugh Campbell.
  • >> 31 min 41 sec: Niall’s grand vision and new challenge.
  • >> 36 min 05 sec: Niall’s personal destructive, erratic and addictive behaviour.
  • >> 45 min 11 sec: Setting up and opening Niall Colgan Hairdressing.
  • >> 47 min 59 sec: Niall meeting his partner Melie, and what she and the business went through.
  • >> 01 hr 00 min 24 sec: The morning of the 27th October.
  • >> 01 hr 06 min 08 sec: The Cliffs of Moher.
  • >> 01 hr 12 min 13 sec: The restructuring and rebuilduing of Niall’s life.
  • >> 01 hr 21 min 35 sec: Two types of pain.
  • >> 01 hr 23 min 28 sec: Going back to mum and final words to her.
  • >> 01 hr 28 min 17 sec: Anthony Mascolo’s game changing advice and Instagram.
  • >> 01 hr 30 min 36 sec: Why Niall wants to bring back the architecture, builder and interior designer of hair.
  • >> 01 hr 34 min 48 sec: Why Niall has just begun.
  • >> 01 hr 37 min 22 sec: Last 5 Questions.
  • >> 01 hr 42 min 23 sec: Show outro.