Today we’re to get the inside story from how 5 x Australian Session Stylist of the Year, Richard Kavanagh, has created a hairdressing career full of ‘pinch me’ moments.

What started out for Richard as relatively modest beginnings in hairdressing, quickly became a career full of exciting pathways and life-changing opportunities. Learning how this happened to a school kid who originally wanted to be a biochemist is a fascinating and inspiring listen. It’s a story packed full of ‘goosebump’ happenings that have led him to becoming a highly acclaimed hair stylist and well known face in Australia.

I started this podcast to bringing you all more on how hairdressing can be a multi-asset career and this episode with Richard reflects that perfectly.

He has a lot to share today from when he decided to have a proper crack at finding success in hair industry competitions and how all this all led him to so much more in his life. Moments like him working on editorial shoots for magazines, how by accident he found himself becoming a prime time tv show host, and again by accident, getting on session legends, Guido’s, team. Plus many other incredible standout moments. And we finish the podcast learning how he has now created, Piiq, a tool designed to help hairdressers thrive by giving them a powerful tool to help them generate and keep more revenue in the salon.

This episode of How To Cut It in the Hairdressing Industry is an inspiring listening. Hit play!



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Thank you to Richard Kavanagh for joining me on todays podcast.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.


Today’s Guest

5 x Session Stylist of the year, Richard Kavanagh, is one of Australia’s most highly acclaimed hair stylists. Richard’s wealth of knowledge in the hair and fashion industryhas made him one of Australia’s most celebrated stylists, with his work regularly featured in the pages of Vogue Australia, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Now eco of Piiq Digital, Richard continually continues to push the hair industry forward.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we will cover in todays episode with Richard Kavanagh

  • 05 min 00 sec: School kind dreaming of being a biochemist
  • 08 min 02 sec: A naughty kid going through his apprenticeship.
  • 12 min 06 sec: Why winning matters?
  • 16 min 50 sec: Are we an industry obsessed by validation./li>
  • 20 min 45 sec: How a one moment lead to a successful time being on TV.
  • 26 min 35 sec: Follow the charm to find what energises you.
  • 28 min 26 sec: How Richard ended up being on Guido’s team.
  • 34 min 41 sec: Being part of a session team.
  • 39 min 35 sec: Richards masterclass to being a session stylist.
  • 44 min 31 sec: Salon margins are being impacted.
  • 46 min 35 sec: Piiq Smart Salon Service, creating a way to showcase the hairdressers superpowers.
  • 50 min 03 sec: How Piiq Smart Salon Service works to benefit the clients.
  • 59 min 34 sec: Why the client gets so much more using Piiq.
  • 01 hr 02 min 03 sec: What you get with Piiq Smart Salon System.



Session Stylist MasterClass:

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