Why haven’t I done it before?

Bad Apple Hair, Steph Peckmore

Steph Peckmore

The last few months have been prime time for our hair industry. Why? Because anyone trying to make something of themselves within the industry have been preparing, prepping and being creative for a numerous of things. Some of those things I refer to being The British Hairdressing Awards and The Creative Head Most Wanted and It List.

For myself, this is the first year I have felt confident enough to actually put my work out there and have took part in some of these amazing opportunities our industry gives us. But why haven’t I done it before? Because as well as all the fun things and opportunities that the hairdressing world has to offer, our normal responsibilities don’t stop. Being Group Colour Manager for Bad Apple Hair in the Midlands means I have a lot of responsibilities.

Teaching a new generation of hairdressers

First of these is teaching NVQ to the new generation of hairdresser’s. This for me is so important because I realised that there was so many young people wanting to get into hairdressing, but there weren’t many good opportunities out there for them. Frustrated at seeing young people wanting to do well in hairdressing, but instead were being put on average college course because that’s all that was on offer. However at Bad Apple Hair we are changing this.

I’m proud to say that we have an amazing academy where we offer not only NVQ level 2 and 3 to 16-18 year olds, but where they all get the insights into our very own cutting and colour programmes, so that when these young people are qualified and ready to go into the industry, they are not thrown into the deep end. More instead, they are fully equipped to start their hairdressing journey with relevant experience and knowledge.

We also use our academy to offer continued training to our very own team members as well as external courses, too. This is so important as we can all learn something new ,and as we all know, we need something new to keep us motivated and passionate within our job roles. On top of all this, we do training sessions depending on what is needed within the business at the given time, and we use the time to let our staff get creative and pushing themselves to do something new.

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Hair Colour by Steph Peckmore

Joining Bad Apple Hair

When I started at Bad Apple Hair, I had come from a big company within the industry where I had worked for 9 years. Although I had amazing training there – and it’s where my passion for hairdressing came from – I got to a point where I felt I needed a change, as I could feel myself becoming too complacent and comfortable within it. No longer enjoying my career or place of work, I took the leap to join Bad Apple Hair and quickly realised that I simply needed a new challenge. And that’s where my new path began.

On being at Bad Apple Hair has made me rediscovered my drive. This makes me want to do well and keep pushing for more, and when you find that drive things just come to you. This year alone I have taken opportunities that I may have not being able to do before. I have entered the British Hairdressing Awards for the first year ever into the British Colour Technician of the Year category. I have also headed up the colour on our yearly campaign shoot at Bad Apple Hair, along with getting involved in other shoots throughout the year to gain experience in that side of my job. I really enjoy this side of the industry and it is a huge way to build your portfolio and create content and just put your concepts into a reality. I had a slot at Colour World UK where I did a colour demonstration in front of other colour technicians. This experience felt like a huge platform as I demonstrated in front of some real inspirations of mine, and it was such a privilege to be able to share that experience with people I follow and look up too.

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Hair Colour by Steph Peckmore

Give it your all

In the past year alone I have realised that there is so much out there for us hairdresser’s, something we are so lucky to be a part of in this creative industry. The moral of this story is that if you believe in both yourself and the opportunities that are out there, then you can do anything. I was just working in a salon 5 days a week, and as much as I loved that, just by being willing, and believing, you can be a part of the other amazing things that there is to offer in the hair industry.

Yes, you have to put your all into it. Go that extra mile by working a few of your days off and offering your time to other projects, and in doing so – gaining the experience that could see you opens doors that wouldn’t open otherwise. Responsibilities in the salon don’t ever stop and inevitably they do come first but push yourself to want to do more… I have and have never looked back.

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Hair Colour by Steph Peckmore

My journey has only just started

I still have a long way to go and even though I have being in the hairdressing world for quite a long time, really my career is only just starting. This makes my job even more exciting as I know there is so much more I want to achieve. You will never work a day in your life if you love what you do and have found that opportunity. What are you waiting for… Go Get It!

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