In this solo podcast episode, I want to share with you about HTCI PLATFORM – a brand new all-in-one community platform created just for hairdressers and barbers just like you – and why it’s important for you to be a part of it

The brand new HTCI PLATFORM is at the core of our mission to help hair professionals like you excel in your careers.

As someone with 37 years of experience in the industry, I understand the need for different opportunities and pathways. Since our HTCI podcast started in 2017, we’ve built a thriving community and network for hairdressers and barbers. Im guessing you’re listening to this podcast because you’re enthusiastic and seeking inspiration for your next career move in the hair industry.

In this episode, I’ll explain what HTCI PLATFORM is, the benefits of being a member, and how you can join. You’ll hear how it will offer spaces where you can dive deeper into our industry and grow beyond your limitations. By becoming a member, you’ll join a vibrant community where you can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and elevate your skills in hairdressing and barbering. We facilitate networking and workshops through live streams, where our new members have already experienced the power and energy of coming together.

HTCI PLATFORM aims to be a supportive place that offers authentic connections and invaluable guidance exclusively for hair professionals.

Excited? Then listen in to learn why YOU need to be part of this game-changing platform designed for hairdressers and barbers, just like you!



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Today’s Guest

Dom Lehane is the creator and host of the How To Cut It podcast, and is regarded as an influential thinker in the digital media landscape for the hair industry.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Dom Lehane

  • 0:00:00 Introduction and importance of the How To Cut It podcast
  • 0:04:29 Frustration with social media and the launch of How To Cut It PLATFORM
  • 0:10:24 Introducing How to Cut It PLATFORM and its features
  • 0:14:06 Launching courses and mentorship programs for hair professionals
  • 0:15:40 Creating a supportive community for hair professionals
  • 0:16:38 Easy access and benefits of joining How to Cut It PLATFORM
  • 0:19:19 Pricing and value of membership of HTCI PLATFORM