The first interview in the How To Cut It–In The Hairdressing Industry podcast, is with Tom Connell, the art director at Trevor Sorbie. Seeing Trevor Sorbie perform in a one-man-show, Tom knew from that moment onwards he wanted to work for the man himself. So, if you’ve been similarly inspired to work for a great name in the industry, stick around as Tom shares with you what’s involved.

Having kicked off his career working in his parents salon, Tom then spent time at Andrew Collinge in Manchester, UK, before finally heading south to work at the Trevor Sorbie salon in Covent Garden, London. Through his dedication and passion, Tom is quickly building a reputation for being one of the most exciting and innovative hair talents in our industry. His journey in hairdressing is a great example of what happens when you are totally absorbed by your craft and how this can reward you with amazing career opportunities.

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Today’s Guest

Tom Connell is the artistic director at Trevor Sorbie, a role he has earned through his incredible contributions to the company. Integral in the creation and development of ‘AT2’ (a subsidiary Art Team for young talent), Tom is passionate about teaching, and has worked on seminars and shows throughout the UK and Europe.

Show notes:

  • 3 min 49 sec  – Why he is moving away from traditional hairdressing photography to photographing individual ideas of collections
  • 4 min 44 sec – Tom’s career journey starting out from the North West of England to moving to Trevor Sorbie in London’s Covent Garden
  • 11 min 40 sec – Tells of the tough process required to get a job as a hairstylist at Trevor Sorbie
  • 15 min 33 sec – Living and working in London
  • 24 min 47 sec – Talks us through the steps he had to take to make it into the Trevor Sorbie Art Team
  • 34 min 30 sec – Going from Art Team member to Art Director of Trevor Sorbie
  • 39 min 19 sec – Shares why still working on clients keeps your skills sharp
  • 41 min 04 sec – Tom advices on putting together your very own art team and the reasons why you should do this
  • 43 min 25 sec – Explains on why the hair industry should be critiqued