Enjoy insights from our guests – this week’s interview is exceptional! Here today is A-list hair colourist Jack Howard – a big fan of HairClubLive – who is widely credited with bringing Balayage to the UK.

As a visionary hair technician and businessman, Jack understands why leveraging new technologies and social media is vital to helping you grow your industry profile. In this episode you’ll hear Jack tell how he worked in North America in 1993 – billing more than half a million dollars for his US company – and discovered the world of Balayage. He talks of how on his return to London in 2010, he unleashed the game-changing revolution in this free-hand colouring technique.

So if you want to learn more about ‘Classic, Creative and Micro Balayage’, then stick around. Jack’s about to explain all of this and loads more insightful stuff, including why you should put value on your consultation appointments.

Thanks for listening!

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Today’s Guest

Jack Howard, L’Oreal Professionnel UK Colour Spokesperson and global celebrity hair colourist is based at Paul Edmonds London. Jack, widely credited with bringing Balayage to the UK, teaches a hugely popular course for L’Oreal Professionnel as well as privately for high profile salons including Toni & Guy and Trevor Sorbie.

Show notes:

In todays episode you’ll learn

  • 3 min 27 sec – What Jack is currently working on
  • 4 min 33 sec – Why social media and blogging are important
  • 7 min 03 sec – All about Balayage
  • 15 min 53 sec – Going from the UK to America
  • 19 min 13 sec – Charging for your consultations
  • 24 min 30 sec – Education with Jack
  • 27 min 47 sec – The time of the colourist
  • 28 min 40 sec – New York Lights, Baby Lights, 3D colour, Rebalanced Balayage explained
  • 39 min 22 sec – Hear what’s next for Jack