Maybe like todays award winning guest Sophia Hilton, being a salon owner is not a massive ambition of yours.
Originally Sophia never had the desire to own a salon –but if she did, it couldn’t be just like “another salon”. The rest is history! After 10 years working for leading hairdressers, Sophia –after talking to her husband– decided to venture out on her own, and in 2015 opened Not Another Salon in East London’s fashionable Brick Lane.

With it’s anti-factory ideology, Not Another Salon has quickly become one of the hottest names in global hairdressing, and additionally has seen it’s Instagram account become the UK’s most followed salon with a staggering 132K followers and counting … Wowser!!

Sophia is proof that by bringing a fresh, modern and outside-the-box thinking approach to the industry, can bring your brand huge successes. Tune in to todays episode to hear how she’s built Not Another Salon’s audience on Instagram, along with her unique vision to branding both herself and her non-judgement policy salon.

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Today’s Guest

Sophia Hilton is the founder of Not Another Salon in London’s Brick Lane, a ‘salon with a difference’ based on her #antifactory ideology. Sophia is the ambassador for Innoluxe as well as being an international educator, teaching in 22 locations in the UK and 7 other countries worldwide. Previous to founding Not Another Salon, Sophia won a L’Oreal colour trophy and a British Hairdressing award.

Show notes:

In today’s episode you’ll learn

  • 3 min 22 sec – How and why ‘Not Another Salon’
  • 4 min 49 sec – About Sophia Hilton
  • 6 min 46 sec – Why Sophia recommends hairdressing as a career
  • 7 min 51 sec – Where it all started
  • 10 min 33 sec – Moving to London and working at Brooks and Brooks
  • 16 min 53 sec – Advice on entering competitions and awards
  • 18 min 26 sec – How social media can open up opportunities
  • 21 min 00 sec – What makes for a good social media post
  • 24 min 43 sec – The signature brand of Sophia Hilton
  • 29 min 55 sec – Being the owner and opening Not Another Salon
  • 33 min 08 sec – Living in the moment
  • 35 min 01 sec – Education with Not Another Academy
  • 36 min 32 sec – What can we expect from Sophia in the next year</li