In this ‘How To Cut It’ episode I know that you’re really going to be entertained by a true hairdressing legend. Joining me today is Lee Stafford – one the most famous and recognised names to come out of British hairdressing in the last 20 years.

From starting out cutting hair in his mum’s living room, Lee’s career went into overdrive after winning British Mens Hairdresser of the Year in 1998. I’ve invited Lee here today to not only gain more insights on his success stories and fame, but to learn more on his Lee Stafford Academies opening up in colleges around the United Kingdom.

In this episode you’ll hear why Lee’s got a bee in his bonnet for wanting to change the way colleges train their hairdressing students. You’ll also hear about his omelette analogy, creating his winning collection for the British Hairdressing Awards, working as a hairdresser on prime-time television, and lots more. This is a seriously value-packed episode–don’t miss out!

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Today’s Guest

From his early days cutting hair in his mother’s dining room, Lee Stafford has gone on to be one of Britain’s most successful, multi award winning hairdressers. Always with a passion for education, Lee has managed to find the time to teach thousands of other hairdressers all over the world in his renowned seminars and shows that sell out globally.


Show notes:

In this episode you’ll learn

  • 8 min 45 sec – Lee tells of opening his Lee Stafford Academies (LSA)
  • 11 min 50 – The standardisation and creation of recipes for LSA
  • 19 min 30 sec – Keeping young students engaged with Michelin star standard of hairdressing training
  • 24 min 50 sec – Why you should work with the best
  • 29 min 38 sec – How winning British Mens Hairdresser of the Year changed Lee’s career
  • 31 min 44 sec – Becoming a hairdresser on television
  • 39 min 29 sec – Hear what and who Lee most rate as one of today’s most exciting hair talents
  • 42 min 00 sec – Advice to a 16 year old Lee Stafford
  • 44 min 17 sec – What we can expect from Lee Stafford over the next 2 years