Joining me for this Bank Holiday special is the ultimate master of dressing long hair Patrick Cameron. In todays episode you’ll learn why Patrick is the number one person who hairdressers throughout the world look to for creativity, inspiration and motivation when dressing long hair

Patrick has created a business empire in the art of long hair education by dispelling the myth that long hair dressing is complicated. If you’re wondering, “How can I become confident in working with long hair?,” stick around – Patrick is about to tell you how it’s done.

Patrick is the ultimate professional, inspiring hairdressers with his unique blend of education and his fantastic ability to make even the most complex hairstyle look easy. Attendees to his stage performances are always blown-away by the theatrical element Patrick injects into his presentation.

Listen in to today’s episode with Patrick – I’m sure this could be the start to your journey in becoming passionate in the art of dressing long hair.

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Today’s Guest

Patrick’s philosophy is one that has taken him around the world and translates well into any language. His aim is to create natural looks that make a client feel feminine. Educating hairdressers throughout the world in the art of dressing long hair has allowed Patrick to create a unique place for himself in hairdressing’s hall of fame. His zest, energy, vitality and dedication to his craft seem to be never ending. One of the most giving, charming and talented people you could ever meet, Patrick is a true master of his craft.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • Patrick tells why he specialises in long hair
  • Early career of Patrick
  • The drama of long hairdressing
  • Whats Patrick’s life like away from hairdressing
  • A performer on stage
  • Breakthrough moments in hairdressing
  • Presenting onstage at the World Hairdressing Congress
  • Being yourself, have passion, be honest
  • Working as an art director
  • Start of the Patrick Cameron brand
  • Television work
  • An independent and international brand working in education
  • The Patrick Cameron books
  • How to make the Patrick Cameron brand financially viable
  • Value your creativity
  • Advice to using Social Media
  • Making long hair easy
  • Starting out training in long hair
  • Preparing collections
  • Thought process to Patrick creating a new collection
  • Patricks workshop studio space
  • Find out who you are
  • Cut your teeth in the industry
  • Changing stage shows
  • Patrick Cameron merchandise
  • What Patrick would like to see unique from a hairdresser
  • Patrick tells us why hairdressing is the best career
  • Patrick shares what he’s working towards on future projects
  • Announcement of a competition