Do you want to know more on what it takes to being a freelance hair educator?

Well, in todays podcast I’m thrilled to welcome Jay Mahmood to talk about his role as a hairdressing educator. In this episode, Jay’s offering up the lessons he has learned as an educator at some of the most respected hair academies in the world, and now as an International freelance Hair Educator and the Global Artistic Ambassador of Haircutting for Goldwell.

As a hair educator who travels the globe teaching and inspiring others within our craft, Jay knows better than many on what it really takes to educate others – the kind of skills set and determination needed. In this episode, he’ll share stories from his early life in East London to his journey to becoming one of hairdressings leading educators. He’ll debunk a few myths about how glamorous being an educator really is and offer some great take-away tips on a career path in hair education.

Like Jay says, it’s a “long road” to becoming a successful hair educator – upping your game takes practice. Listen in to Jay’s expert advice on taking you educator skills to the next level. I learned so much sat down with Jay, and I know you will too!

Thanks for listening!
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Today’s Guest

Hairdressing for 17 years and for the last 12 years Jay has been teaching and sharing his knowledge with hairdressers around the world. Starting his career at Vidal Sassoon at the age of 16 and by 21 had joined the Sassoon Academy team heading up their acclaimed in Central London. In 2011 he was appointed Academy Principal at Allilon Education – a young, ambitious and forward thinking brand. After four years of running the academy at Allilon, Jay followed his ambition to finally become an International freelance hair educator. Most recently he was appointed the Global Artistic Ambassador of Haircutting for Goldwell.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • Where it all began for Jay
  • The experience of learning at Sassoon’s
  • Jay tells us the how the foundations of learning at Sassoon gave him the best start in his career
  • What made Jay go into education
  • The journey into education
  • Being part of an academy team at Sassoon’s
  • Explains how hard work education is
  • Are you ready to take to the stage
  • Sassoon cut contest in Japan
  • A new career step to working at Allilon Academy
  • Learning leadership
  • A significant date for Jay’s next big career step
  • The signature identity to Jay’s style of hairdressing
  • Mark Hayes
  • Never forget the people who help you get to where you are
  • The brand of the Jay Mahmood company
  • Education systems
  • What you get form Jay Mahmood education
  • Being an Global brand Ambassador
  • Having a presence on social media
  • How a picture can inspire you
  • Separation of being an brand ambassador and independent educator
  • Average working month for Jay
  • Advice to being a freelance hair educator
  • Dedication to being a freelance hair educator
  • An educator, not as glamorous as it sounds
  • Being a performer can help you be a better presenter
  • A control freak
  • The future of hairdressing education
  • What’s next for Jay and whats playing on his mind
  • Get in touch with Jay


Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Grosvenor House Hotel 
Sassoon Salon
Sassoon Academy
Allilon Academy
Johnny and Pedro
Ena Salon
Mark Hayes
• Daniel McCourt
Chritiano Ronaldo