As a hairdresser, did you know that you have the amazing ability of giving back self esteem and personal confidence in someone’s life? Today’s guest Martyn Maxey knows exactly that hairdressing is a great way to impact, help and restore confidence to those that have become disadvantaged from difficult life circumstances.

After a lifetime in the hairdressing industry as one of London’s leading stylist, Martyn felt he had more to offer to women who are facing real issues in their lives and has launched The Hair Foundation to help this. A non-profit organisation, Martyn founded the concept of The Hair Foundation to become an amazing life changing charity for all concerned. Today you’ll find out how you as hairdresser can help too!

I’m floored by Martin’s passion for wanting us all to give back our amazing gift of hairdressing by helping others faced with difficult life challenges. If you’re curious how giving up a few days of your time during the year to The Hair Foundation can have an powerful impact on peoples lives, listen in–this could be just the start of something truly meaningful.

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Today’s Guest

Award winning hairdresser Martyn Maxey has been awarded Best Hair Salon UK 2014, by the National Luxury and Lifestyle awards. As a winner of many awards over the years, this is a very impressive achievement, after recently moving the salon to its new location in Marylebone. Martyn started his company in 1991 and quickly established a reputation in London as one of the great hairdressers.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 2 min 51 sec: Martyn shares his hairdressing career back history
  • 4 min 12 sec: We find out what The Hair Foundation is and how it came about
  • 8 min 40 sec: We hear how The Hair Foundation event is a happy place
  • 9 min 17 sec: The gift that you give
  • 11 min 00 sec: Learn about the people who The Hair Foundation helps
  • 16 min 32 sec: The impact The Hair Foundation gives
  • 18 min 32 sec: A group of people extending a hand and being kind
  • 21 min 00 sec: Becoming a non-profit registered charity
  • 22 min 00 sec: Rolling out The Hair Foundation
  • 23 min 48 sec: Getting more funds
  • 25 min 13 sec: How you can help
  • 27 min 20 sec: Hear how you can get in touch with The Hair Foundation
  • 28 min 00 sec: Learn on the next up and coming events
  • 30 min 00 sec: What type of hairdressing volunteers do
  • 32 min 00 sec: Martyn tells on what experience is needed
  • 36 min 32 sec: Meeting new fellow hairdressers
  • 38 min 31 sec: Where to get in touch with Martyn
  • Resources