I’ve always been big on discovering new hair talent and showcasing them to the hairdressing industry. In today’s episode I’m joined by Casey Coleman, a hairstylist who back in 2013 was identified by myself at HairClubLive for being a rising star of British hairdressing.

I’m a big fan of Casey and his passion for competitions, creative collaborations and colour. Now part of the Joico European Colour Design team and heading up colour education at Ocean Hairdressing, South Wales, I’m buzzing to finding out more on how Casey’s career has progressed since being identified as a future star of the industry.

You’ll hear about Casey’s past, present and future career plans, but you’ll also hear a lot about his educational role for both Joico and Ocean Hairdressing. Casey will be revealing how entering competitions gave him a thirst for bigger things in hairdressing, and how he got his place on the Joico team.

If you’re curious to hearing what happened to those tipped for great things in the hairdressing industry,  listen in – you’re about to find out.

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Today’s Guest

Head of Colour and Creative education at Ocean Hairdressing, South Wales and a member of the Joico European Colour Design team, Casey is a self confessed extraverted hair addict. While being part of the ever changing hair industry, Casey has grown a passion for competitions, creative collaborations and colour. Winning awards have taken him to Australia as part of Global Synergy, working with hairdressing icons Robert Loretta, Richard Ashcroft and Emiliano Vitale. Most recently Casey has been nominated for Creative Head’s ITlist Visionary 2017.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 1 min 37 sec: Casey tells about his hairdressing career thus far
  • 5 min 54 sec: Going to work at Ocean Hairdressing, Cardiff
  • 9 min 50 sec: Where Casey’s hunger for hairdressing grew from competitions
  • 13 min 25 sec: Being part of Global Synergy
  • 16 min 15 sec: Casey tells of his experience working on MTV’s reality programme series, The Valleys
  • 20 min 33 sec: Salon Cymru competition
  • 21 min 47 sec: Casey’s role as part of the European Colour Design for Joico
  • 25 min 05 sec: What was it that stood Casey out for the team
  • 26 min 09 sec: What can you expect from being part of the Joico team
  • 28 min 05 sec: How for Casey going on Model Mayhem changed his whole career direction
  • 28 min 45 sec: Being aware of all the career opportunities in hairdressing
  • 29 min 39 sec: Splitting time between salon work and with the Joico team
  • 31 min 18 sec: Casey’s tips to becoming part of Creative Team
  • 33 min 08 sec: What makes for a good hair educator
  • 35 min 19 sec: Creating collections
  • 38 min 25 sec: Casey’s style of hairdressing
  • 39 min 53 sec: Whats next for Casey going forward
  • 41 05 sec: Being a hairdresser based in Cardiff, UK
  • 43 min 12 sec: Quick fire questions