This week, I’m delighted to welcome my very first overseas guest– leading Australian hair manipulator Shaun McGrath Wiggery– to learn about the epic wig work that he creates using recyclable waste.

Quite simply, Shaun creates jaw-dropping avant-garde innovations. He blurs the line between hairdressing, instillation and sculptural, and is making a stir in the worlds of fashion, art, and of course, hair. The growing focus for Shaun is in sustainable hair work, taking recycled waste from the salon floor to aid him with making future hair pieces.

In this episode, I ask Shaun about his career move going from London to Sydney, understanding more on his creative thought process, and his Creative Ambassador role for Sustainable Salons Australia. You’ll also learn about the pioneering programme where he’s helping towards the collection of huge amounts of hair in the preparation of any potential oil spils in the Barrier Reeth, Australia.

Join me as I get inside the head of this free thinking, quirky and creative expressionist – you’ll love what he has to say.

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Today’s Guest

Shaun McGrath has always erred on the side of quirkiness and creative expression with his work in hairdressing. He blurs the line between hairdressing, installation &  sculptural art.Working from his base in salon styling, Shaun has modified his hairdressing skills to encompass his passion for couture wiggery & hair manipulation. The results have been epic and have created quite a stir in the worlds of fashion, art, and of course, hair. The growing focus for Shaun is in sustainable hair works, using recycled hair and clippings from the salon floor to generate future hair pieces. As well as salon work doing cut and colour as Director at Stevie English Hair Glebe and his role as Creative Ambassador for Sustainable Salons Australia.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • – Shaun’s early career
  • – The Australian hair scene
  • – Getting students excited about hairdressing
  • – Shaun’s work in wiggery
  • – Working with great photographers
  • – How you can collect hair of the salon floor to work with in new creations
  • – The thought process behind Shaun’s creations
  • – Monetising your skills and talents
  • – Not being a follower
  • – How we can all make hairdressing more sustainable
  • – We hear about what hair booms are and what they do
  • – Shaun explains more about Sustainable Salons
  • – Creating your own unique niche
  • – Shaun’s growing profile in Australian hairdressing
  • – Shaun’s vision for the hairdressing industry
  • – Exhibition of Shaun’s work
  • – Shaun tells on how the project to collect rubbish from the beach to recycle
  • – What can we expect from Shaun next
  • – Dom’s quick fire questions