I’m thrilled to welcome Zoe Irwin onto the podcast to talk about her career as Creative Ambassador for GHD, along with being one of the  leading ladies of session styling. In this episode, Zoe’s offers up her advice on how continual studying in fashion journalism and trend forecasting has been vital in helping her to grow and develop a varied and unbelievably exciting career in hairdressing.

Zoe has worked with many of the world’s top brands, magazines and hairdressing businesses. With her unique approach to build stories around hair, adding trend, fashion and historical context to her work, it has enabled Zoe to stay at the top of the game as one of the most in demand session stylists. So who better than her to explain exactly what it means to be a session stylist in todays hairdressing industry.

If you’re looking to find out how continual development and education could send you in a new and thrilling direction, or if you’re interested in pursuing a career in session styling, then you’re going to to love this episode with Zoe. It’s a real pleaser!

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Today’s Guest

Zoe’s work is a unique blend of traditional technique, honed over her remarkable 30-year career, and new concepts developed from her continual studies of emerging trends in hair and fashion. Her style is soft yet edgy and in-tune with the mood of the season, allowing her to create unique editorial work, yet easily translatable for her clients.

As an educator, Zoe is known for her inspiring lectures and demonstrations. Her methods are relatable, tangible and motivational, starting with an innate understanding of her art in which she builds stories around hair, adding trend, fashion and historical context to her work. Her special approach to hairdressing was recognised by the industry in 2012 when she was awarded the prestigious Most Wanted Hair Icon award by Creative Head magazine.

Show notes:

  • 4 min 29 sec – An insight into Zoe’s job roles
  • 6 min 51 sec – Zoe’s routes to her roles in hairdressing
  • 8 min 41 sec – Studying in trend forecasting
  • 11 min 26 sec – Predicting trends
  • 12 min 24 sec – Zoe teaching trend forecasting
  • 15 min 46 sec – Trend predictions for 2017/18
  • 18 min 39 sec – What it really means to be a session stylist
  • 22 min 13 sec – Zoe talks about her private clients
  • 23 min 21 sec – We learn of Zoe’s working hours
  • 25 min 52 sec – The downside of the job
  • 28 min 25 sec – The fashion world community
  • 30 min 26 sec – Having a business coach
  • 31 min 49 sec – Turning 50
  • 35 min 11 sec – A continuation of still being relevant in fashion and hair
  • 36 min 19 sec – Publishing a book
  • 37 min 08 sec – What can we expect to see from Zoe in the next 5 year
  • 38 min 44 sec – Surrounding herself with current people
  • 40 min 15 sec – Find out more on Zoe
  • 41 min 29 sec – Dom’s Quick Fire questions
  • Resources

    –  ghd.com