I’m super buzzed to bring you the very first edition of Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair, a series dedicated to putting the spotlight on hairdressings most exciting and innovative rising stars.

Joining me for this edition is Frazer Wallace of Seanhanna Salons, London, a hairstylist steadily climbing his way up the industry ladder, seeing him become a key member of the Seanhanna Creative team and most recently nominated as a Newcomer of the Year finalist at the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards 2017.

You’ll hear how Frazer’s journey into hairdressing was sparked off from when his sister used him as model when training – even though she advised him against it – right through to what it would mean to his career by winning the Newcomer of the Year award. I know you’ll love hearing his ambition and passion for the industry as we learn more on this rising star – listen in!

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Today’s Guest

5 years after completing his training in Scotland Frazer is now in London working his way up the industry ladder. Currently based at Seanhanna salons in Putney, Frazer is now a key member of the Seanhanna Creative, Session and Education teams. When he isn’t assisting at Fashion Week for the likes of Adam Reed and Peter Grey, he is educating for Seanhanna and Loreal as well as doing international show work with the brand. An previous GHD style Squad Member, Frazer is on the rise and it’s made very clear by his prestigious nomination for the British Hairdressing Awards, Newcomer of the Year Award 2017.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

  • 5 min 02 sec: Who is Frazer Wallace the hairdresser and his journey to working at Seanhanna, London
  • 13 min 37 sec: Why choosing to work in London
  • 14 min 36 sec: What are Frazer’s ambitions to achieve in the industry
  • 15 min 56 sec: Creating an impact through imagery
  • 17 min 04 sec: Frazer’s signature look
  • 18 min 43 sec: How Frazer is developing himself as a hairstylist
  • 19 min 33 sec: What is avant garde hair
  • 21 min o6 sec: Creating avant garde looks
  • 23 min 02 sec: What we expect to see from Frazer going forward
  • 24 min 21 sec: To become a leading educator
  • 25 min 14 sec: The upsides and downsides of being a hairstylist working on the floor
  • 27 min 54 sec: Working hours of Frazer
  • 29 min 50 sec: Becoming British Hairdressing’s Newcomer of the Year finalist 2017
  • 33 min 58 sec: What it could mean to win Newcomer of the Year 2017
  • 35 min 20 sec: Young Guns of Hair
  • 38 min 16 sec: What would Frazer like to achieve in the next year
  • 39 min 18 sec: Search out more on Frazer