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Hair loss of any level can be deeply distressing. As hairdressers and barbers what options do we have at our disposal when it comes to offering a viable solution to clients suffering hair loss, and is not Non-Surgical Hair Replacement service or medications? Well today you’re about to learn how NEU Hair 4 Men replacement systems is that viable solution, as we talk to it’s founder Stuart Munday on the positive effects hair replacement systems can have on clients suffering hair loss.

NEU Hair 4 Men was founded by Salon Owner Stuart Mundy who discovered the desperate need for salons and stylists to help guys across the UK who are silently dealing with the effects of hair loss. Stuart quickly established that within 2 hours, skilled hairdressers and barbers really can completely transform the lives of many men of all ages and bring back their self-confidence.

Stuart has seen so many clients come to salons, desperate to find a solution to their hair loss. He explains ‘They have spent so much time researching on the internet and invested huge amounts of money hoping that vitamins, hair loss products such as shampoo’s, conditioners and medications will work. It can be soul destroying to watch when this solution have little or no benefit.’

You’ll also get to hear today how NEU Hair 4 Men gives hairdressers and barbers the opportunity to offer a quintessential in-salon Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Service that is completely undetectable, simple to maintain and affordable for the client.

NEU Hair 4 Men design bespoke systems that are tailored to each client to ensure the perfect fit, the systems are also available in various colours allowing design stylists to give any desired hair-style and look.

Stuart adds ‘It is an amazing feeling to know that already we have improved the lives of so many men with our life-changing, ultra-realistic, undetectable hair systems. This is one of the worlds fastest growing markets and we are now encouraging other salons across the UK the opportunity to diversify and introduce, new, profitable and exciting concepts into their salon menu.’

Now listen in to hear how NEU Hair 4 Men can be part of your armoury when it comes to offering a viable solution to your clients suffering hair loss.


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Special thanks to Stuart Munday for joining me today.

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Today’s Guest

Stuart Munday is a salon owner and founder of NEU Hair 4 Men hair replacement systems.

Stuart himself has worn a hair system for a number of years and understands, first hand, how vulnerable hair loss clients can be.

Show notes:

Here’s some of what we cover in today’s episode

  • >> 00 min 31 sec: Show intro.
  • >> 03 min 13 sec: The negative effective of hair loss.
  • >> 09 min 35 sec: Hair System and developing this as a salon service.
  • >> 13 min 12 sec: Getting men around the stigma of using a Hair System.
  • >> 17 min 23: Stuart’s thoughts on hair transplants.
  • >> 19 min 54 sec: Dealing with a men who are in the early stages of hair loss.
  • >> 22 min 17: How to recommend the NEU Hair for Men Systems to hair loss clients.
  • >> 24 min 04: Types of male patterned hair loss.
  • >> 25 min 06 sec: How the NEU Hair for Men Hair Replacement Systems work.
  • >> 33 min 04 sec: Procedere of doing a Hair System.
  • >> 36 min 34 sec: Looks to be worn with a NEU Hair for Men Systems.
  • >> 37 min 51 sec: The maintenance process.
  • >> 38 min 47 sec: Experience needed to be able to offer the hair replacement service.
  • >> 39 min 32 sec: What the systems require in styling and washing.
  • >> 41 min 17 sec: Costs of the Hair Systems and what it includes.
  • >> 42 min 57 sec: How long does the Hair Systems last and costs going forward??
  • >> 48 min 05 sec: How to get onboard and training using the NEU Hair for Men Systems.
  • >> 53 min 52 sec: Where to find out more online.
  • >> 54 min 43 sec: Show outro.




About NEU Hair 4 Men

NEU Hair 4 Men will give you the opportunity to change your life and your appearance with an innovative, non-surgical hair replacement system, that suits anyone and every lifestyle in a truly simple, undetectable and affordable way.

Our hair replacement systems are high-quality hair pieces made with 100% real human hair. The hair system is designed to replace completely or partially the top of the head where the balding or thinning area is and cover any receding hairline, giving you a brand new set of hair and a younger and fresher look.