What did it mean for you to go into industry lockdown? How did you prepare for it? How will you cope being in lockdown for the next 12 weeks or more?

This was the question I put out to our ‘How To Cut It’ Community. I was not disappointed with what I got back in reply to this question. In this midweek podcast special, I’m delighted to bring you some of our listeners to share their experiences firsthand as they prepared to go into industry lockdown. Joining me for this is: Lea Shaw of ‘Rural Fringe Hair Salon’, session stylist based at ‘Adam Reed London’ Tom Gilling, Danny Van T of ‘Ginger Lemon Hairspace Vienna’ and Becky Candy of ‘Becky Candy Salons’. Each one of them left me their candid voice memos of their experiences going into industry lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak.

You’ll hear each of them talk on how they prepared for lockdown. But most importantly, you’ll learn how they are looking to take a positive approach to learning new skills during these surreal times of isolation. I’m confident that their candid words will provide a powerful industry chronicle for many generations to come as we all look back to this 2020 global pandemic that changed the world.

#Stayathome and tune in!


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Special thanks to Lea Shaw, Tom Gilling, Danny Van T and Becky candy for joining me today.

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye



Today’s Guest

Danny Van T (top left)
Salon owner of Ginger Lemon Hairspace in Vienna, Austria.

Becky Candy (top right)
Salon owner of Becky Candy Salons in Clone, UK.

Lea Shaw (bottom left)
Salon owner of Rural Fringe Hair Salon, Hook, UK.

Tom Gilling (bottom right)
Session stylist based at Adam Reed London, UK.

Show notes:

Here’s our guests in today’s episode

  • 00 min 00 sec: Show intro.
  • 02 min 32 sec: Lea Shaw.
  • 11 min 19 sec: Tom Gilling.
  • 15 min 13 sec: Danny Van T.
  • 19 min 09 sec: Becky Candy.
  • 31 min 30 sec: Show outro.