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If entering hair industry competitions is your thing, then we have  feast for you in todays episode. Because we are entering into the exciting world of the Wella TrendVision Award 2023.

In collaboration with Wella Professionals UK & Ireland, today, I’m to be joined by Wella’s Digital Platforms and Data Manager, Lucy Windle and Wella TrendVison Award and International TrendVision Award 2021 winner, Gerri Leigh Stobbs, to discuss Wella TrendVision Award 2023 and what it means to both enter and win!

We kick off the conversation by explaining what the Wella TrendVision Award is, who can enter and an overview of the competition’s two stages.

Gerri then shares her journey to winning the TrendVision Award 2021 Colour Artist UK. She discusses what initially excited her to enter, the process of entering, and the thrill of winning.

The conversation then turns to the benefits of winning the Wella TrendVision Award, including improving your profile and confidence, exposure to global audiences, and opportunities with Wella Professionals and the industry. Lucy and Gerri also discuss the four categories for the 2023 competition. This includes competion updates for 2023 and some big watch out tips!

Finally, Lucy shares important information on how to enter the competition, including the entry deadline and steps to take, and Gerri and Lucy explain why they recommend entering the Wella TrendVision Award.

So, don’t miss this episode as we explore the exciting world of the Wella TrendVision Award 2023!


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Thank you for gerri Leigh Stobbs and Lucy Windle for joining me on todays podcast in collaboration with Wella Professionals UKI

Until next Monday, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.



Today’s Guest


Gerri Leigh Stobbs is an award-winning hairstylist and colourartist at NJUKHair & Beautysalon, having won TrendVision Award 2021 Colour Artist UK, the International TrendVision Award, a 2022 TVA runner- up and a member of the Wella GenNow 2022 team. Her creative and innovative approach to hairdressing makes her a true inspiration in the industry.

Show notes:

Heres some of what we cover in todays episode with Gerri Leigh Stobbs and Lucy Windle

  • 03 min 59 sec: Introduction to Lucy and Gerri.
  • 08 min 12 sec: About Wella TrendVison Award.
  • 11 min 18 sec: What excited Gerri to initially entering Wella TVA, and the process.
  • 14 min 49 sec: What costs are involved in entering Wella TVA.
  • 17 min 25 sec: The live event experiences.
  • 19 min 44 sec: How many times can you enter and categories.
  • 21 min 18 sec: The feeling for Gerri of winning TVA.
  • 22 min 25 sec: The confidence it has given Gerri of winning Wella TVA.
  • 24 min 20 sec: The support Wella give you.
  • 26 min 23 sec: Working on a prize shoot experience for Gerri.
  • 28 min 11 sec: Get the opportunity to enter the Global TVA.
  • 30 min 44 sec: The exposure you can get by entering Wella TVA.
  • 31 min 50 sec: Entries are open, what categories to enter and updates.
  • 36 min 50 sec: Tips to entering.
  • 38 min 17 sec: Watch outs to lookout for.
  • 40 min 33 sec: Leaving thoughts on why enter Wella TVA 2023>

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