Advertising on the How To Cut It Podcast is possible.

The How To Cut It Podcast is a weekly podcast show that is targeted at the hairdressing and barbering community made up of industry professionals, newbies starting out, salon owners, managers and independent hairstylists who are looking to take their careers to the next level. If this is your target market then advertising on the How To Cut It Podcast show must now be in your marketing mix.


  1. Podcasters are not restricted by government broadcasting bodies so they can promote your product in many more creative ways than radio including, but not limited to, strong endorsements by the podcast host throughout the show.
  2. Radio is often listened to in the background whereas podcast listeners, who’ve a community connection and trust to the show, choose to listen to every word the host is saying. Therefore they’re much more likely to act on any call to action.
  3. Podcasts can take advantage of their ‘show notes’ to link directly to the advertising client’s website or product.
  4. A magazine ad could be deemed useless after the page is turned but definitely once the magazine is tossed away, so to your advertising. A podcast ad can be re-listened to a number of times as long as the podcast show is accessible on the website and podcast directories.
  5. Magazine and radio stations will charge you for the production of a radio advertisement – that is on top of the air time you’re paying for – this cost can be reduced with us doing a quality voice over for you, or through your brand ambassador.

Podcast are becoming mainstream – and the money is starting to follow.

In America alone approximately 46 million people listen to podcasts every month, or about 15-17% of the population according to Edison Research. Hook Research UK report 64% of podcasts are now being consumed on a smart phone or tablet. 2016 has shown the results of these trends and monthly podcast listenership has increased 75% since 2013. Overall podcast listening has also increased by 28% between 2015 and 2017. Findings of the full Edison Research report can be found HERE.

Shows from the How To Cut It Podcast were dowloaded on average 2100 times per month in the first 5 months of production and increases each month.

Your Podcast Promos
We recommend your promo should be short and snappy with a genuine voice, and should leave our listeners craving for more. It should also attempt to tell the listener what the product is about.

The ideal length should be 30 seconds and remember to include a call to action in your promo.
How about giving a promo code in your podcast promo? This will give your listeners an incentive to become a customer and also give you a way to tack the promo’s effectiveness.

If you would like to discuss your advertising opportunities, contact Dom HERE